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The Political Parties Are Using Mugs To Argue About Immigration Policy

Welcome to a very British general election.

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This is one of Labour's "pledge mugs", and it promises voters that the party will have "controls on immigration".

Labour Party

It's fair to say it's gone down absolutely terribly – it's even been called a "Farage wannabe mug".

“Fancy a brew in my ‘Controls for immigration mug’?”. Seriously, Labour. Scrap your Farage wannabe mugs and give people some bloody hope

The Labour Party have produced an official mug boasting how the party will "control immigration". A mug.

Genuinely chuckling to myself at how awkward I wd feel if someone made me a cup of tea at their house & the mug said Controls On Immigration

Even Labour MP Diane Abbott had a go at it, calling the mug "an embarrassment".

This shameful mug is an embarrassment. But real problem is that immigration controls are one of our 5 pledges at all

It's been pointed out that UKIP's mug actually seems to have a slightly more upbeat message than Labour's.

I've got a Ukip mug, and even it's more liberal on immigration than Labour's

Now, in very British style, the other parties have started arguing about their election policies via mugs of their own. Here's the Lib Dems' attempt.

This is the Greens' effort.

@independent : Don't be a mug; vote Green. Our response to Labour's anti-immigrant merchandise:

A Plaid Cymru voter made this. Catchy.

And Plaid Cymru have done their own alternative to the anti-immigration Labour mug. #PlaidCymru

But it's not a new thing – here's a beautiful mug from Labour's 1997 election campaign.

And the coalition was marked with this attractive piece of crockery in 2010.

British politics is strange sometimes.

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