Lembit Opik Is Now Running A Sex Worker's Political Campaign

    "Her profession and the way she does it is more honest than politics," said Opik.

    MEDWAY – Lembit Opik is at the Rochester & Strood by-election count running the campaign of a sex worker who is campaigning for sexual freedom.

    The ex-Lib Dem MP, who lost his seat in the 2010 general election, is media adviser for candidate Charlotte Rose, who he calls "a good friend".

    "Charlotte calls herself a 'sexual therapist' because it's less loaded but, yes, she is essentially a sex worker," said Opik.

    "But she does it in a way which is absolutely open and honest, and I'd say her profession and the way she does it is more honest than a lot of politicians," he said.

    Rose said she's campaigning on three major polices: increased sex education, sexual equality for the elderly and disabled, and the legalisation of the sex industry.

    At one point she sang "Say No To Strangers" at BuzzFeed News. We're unsure why.

    Opik concedes that Rose "isn't a major threat to the major political parties" but he thinks what he and Rose are doing is "great for democracy".

    "We're giving a voice which hasn't been heard before on a subject which hasn't been discussed before in British politics," he said.

    Rose also stood in the Clacton by-election where she won 56 votes, and Opik thinks that any improvement on that can be deemed a success.