Jeremy Corbyn Sang "Happy Birthday" To Cheer Up A Woman Whose House Flooded

    "I had to have a little cry, I was very cheery," Corbyn fan Liz Fitton told BuzzFeed News on her 65th birthday.

    Jeremy Corbyn sang "Happy Birthday" to cheer up a woman after her house was flooded by Storm Desmond.

    Is this Jeremy Corbyn's new job? MT "@SkyNews: Corbyn sings Happy Birthda 2 Liz Fitton, whose hom was flooded out"

    On Thursday the Labour leader was visiting Cockermouth in the north of England, which has been devastated by the floods. While he was walking around the town talking to local residents, he was approached by Liz Fitton, who is turning 65.

    "Our house has flooded three times here in Cockermouth," Fitton told BuzzFeed News. "I saw Jeremy here today and I said 'I'd like to have a hug from you please because it's my birthday', and he gave me a big hug. Then I told him I'm 65 today and he said, 'Shall we all sing Liz "Happy Birthday"?' and we did – it was his suggestion!"

    She continued: "I thanked him for coming down here, the whole county is devastated and people are in distress, so it's so lovely that he could come to our little town of Cockermouth. He's been in and out of the shops and talking to people, it's wonderful."

    Fitton said she's a big supporter of Corbyn and that he's the only party leader who's "an honest man working hard for ordinary people".

    "I agree with many, many things that he says," said Fitton. "Thank goodness we've got a politician who is looking after the interest of the ordinary person."

    Asked whether her birthday could get any better after the Corbyn hug, she said: "Having a hug from Jeremy and him singing 'Happy Birthday' to me, well, I had to have a little cry. I was very cheery."

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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