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Some Scots Want To Ban English Money After A Video Of Scottish Notes Being Rejected Went Viral

The SNP says it has "no plans" to ban the notes.

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Here's a video of a Scottish man claiming the refusal of his Scottish bank notes in England is a form of "racism".

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The video, which has been viewed 300,000 times, was posted by pro-independence Scot Peter Mechan, who attended Fiji vs Uruguay at the Rugby World Cup on Tuesday, and hoped to buy a scarf to commemorate the occasion. To his anger, his Scottish money was refused and he complained to the people behind the stall about "unacceptable racism" against Scottish people.

Two days after the video was posted, a petition emerged demanding the SNP brings in legislation to ban English notes in Scotland.

Following last year's referendum, Scotland "voted" to remain a part of the United Kingdom. However, despite being part of this Union, Scottish bank notes are not accepted in England. This means that you have to change currency before crossing the border. To remedy this I suggest that English bank notes are deemed equally unacceptable north of the border and a percentage is charged by the institution changing the currency. This is a measure to create a greater equality in the UK and gets the ball rolling in the direction of establishing our own independent currency.

However, Mechan is unsure whether banning English notes in Scotland is the answer to his woes as he now lives in Milton Keynes. "I think the petition is a bit silly," he told BuzzFeed News. "They should just accept it in England rather than the other way round, we shouldn't be even more divided.

"But to some extent in England, there's an idea of 'this is foreign and we don't do foreign'. They object to things which are foreign or unusual. They say 'We can't understand you Scots,'" whereas we watch EastEnders and Coronation Street and get to understand their accents. We make the effort.

"I think there might be a lack of interest in foreign people, but I don't think it's deliberate racism."

As Mechan completed this sentence, one of his colleagues shouted "Come on you sweaty sock!" at him to hasten their trip to the pub.

An SNP spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the party has "no plans" to outlaw English money in Scotland despite the petition addressed to them.

The spokesperson said: "The SNP has absolutely no plans to outlaw English bank notes nor does the Scottish government have the power to do so."

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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