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    I Was Fed A Solero By The Leader Of The Scottish Conservatives

    What is happening.

    Right – this is a long story but I've had a longstanding obsession with the role of Soleros in Scottish politics.

    So much so that whenever I meet a Scottish politician or journalist the discussion turns to Soleros.

    But at a campaign event in Edinburgh, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives took things too far.

    The bold @RuthDavidsonMSP has approached me and asked if I want to recreate the Solero photo with her. "Let's make this happen for BuzzFeed"

    Her suggestion of feeding me a Solero came after a Scottish Labour staffer had already bought me a Solero. I had Solero juice everywhere.

    I have Solero juice on my notepad. My hands are sticky from Solero. I'm going to return from Scotland never wanting to see another Solero.

    I laughed and assumed it was a joke as Davidson went to play the bagpipes.

    Here's Ruth Davidson playing the bagpipes.

    But then she gathered the assembled pack of Scottish press photographers and made a beeline for the ice cream van.

    Oh my god the Solero photo is happening. I'm not entirely comfortable with this.

    The moment came.

    .@RuthDavidsonMSP feeds a Solero to @JamieRoss7. God, I love general elections.

    It was a thing.

    And what you can't see is about 20 Scottish journalists barking commands at me and instructing me on how to eat the Solero.

    Scottish politics. Bloody hell.