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    The Desperate Search To Find The Man Who Got Stuck In A Bag At T In The Park

    It was a tale that thrilled a nation, but no one is sure exactly what actually happened at Strathallan.

    T in the Park is Scotland's biggest music festival, where Scottish people listen to music, get drunk, and witness scenes like this.

    Andrew Milligan / PA Wire/Press Association Images

    Susan Boyle at the T in the Park music festival at Strathallan in Perthshire.

    However, Scott Johnston's weekend at T seemed to take a turn for the worse when his mates trapped him inside a bag.

    @Tinthepark hi im somewhere in green 7 someone has packed me into a tent bag for a joke and I can't get out I don't have much battery left

    Police Scotland immediately panicked and began to scan the area for a man struggling inside a small bag.

    @ScottJohnston8 Hi Scott please tweet us with more info if you can. We have officers with stewards in the area looking for you now.

    Meanwhile, Scotland and the world's media watched on, hoping and praying for news.

    @ScottJohnston8 @Tinthepark Hi Scott, we would love to interview you from inside your tent bag. Send us a DM! :)

    @ScottJohnston8 @Tinthepark 😬 if this is true I hope you are out but it's made my day 😂😂😂

    @ScottJohnston8 @Tinthepark Hi Scott, we have contacted the police, if you have any battery left please provide an update. Thanks.

    I knew what I had to do. I took it upon myself to track down the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park.

    Can I be the first to pitch for an interview with the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park please. CC @ScottJohnston8.

    I am blessed with Scottish followers on Twitter, but this initial appeal was resoundingly unsuccessful.

    Do YOU know @scottjohnston8, the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park? Email immediately.

    Then I had an absolutely huge breakthrough – a mutual Facebook friend allowed me to slide into the DMs of the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park.

    BREAKING: I have a mutual friend with the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park.

    I sent this message and within minutes, the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park had seen it. HE LIVED.


    Then I saw that, just seconds earlier, the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park had revealed his freedom on Twitter.

    It's okay everyone my friends unzipped me earlier never been so happy to see the rain

    And a media feeding frenzy began as every worthwhile journalist on earth tried to secure the first big interview with the man who was trapped in a bag.

    @ScottJohnston8 hi Scott - are you ok?? Can you give us a follow?

    @ScottJohnston8 Hi Scott, I'm a reporter at the Guardian. Please follow for DM?

    @ScottJohnston8 Hi Scott, we are glad you are ok, you had everyone worried.

    The police, with a slightly sterner message than their first one, wanted to know exactly what the hell was going on.

    Meanwhile, the man on Facebook who I thought was the man trapped in a bag at T in the Park revealed he wasn't. But he put me in touch with one of his funny mates, which was nice.

    Then, in a bombshell development, the Daily Record reported that the entire episode had been made up.

    Daily Record

    It seemed like it was all over. I felt betrayed. But then the man who claimed to have been stuck in the bag tweeted THIS, saying he hadn't spoken to the Record at all.


    Then I got a bizarre email about the man's personal life, including a phone number.

    Someone claiming to have mothered the child of the man who got stuck in a bag with T in the Park has got in touch with me.

    I was dubious, but I gave the number a go.

    Jamie Ross / BuzzFeed

    He has not responded since I asked if I could call him, although his voicemail does confirm his name is Scott.

    At the time of writing, three things are unclear: if the man who was apparently trapped in a bag spoke to the Record, if he was ever even inside a bag, and why the alleged mother of his child intervened to try to get him to tell his story to BuzzFeed.

    Do YOU know the man who got stuck in a bag at T in the Park? Email