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David Cameron And Ed Miliband Got Grilled On TV And The Internet Took The Piss

"Did Ed Miliband really just say 'hell yes I'm tough enough'?"

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Ed Miliband and David Cameron have been grilled on live TV and in time-honoured tradition, the internet made fun of everything.

And now, a special episode of Come Dine With Me #BattleForNumber10

The fun started as soon as the two men arrived, having awkwardly chosen exactly the same outfit.

Were the matching outfits compulsory? #BattleForNumber10

Then Nigel Farage showed his anti-establishment credentials by gatecrashing the event, or, more likely, accepting an invite to it.

Well the establishment tried to keep me out of the #battlefornumber10... So in true form.... I've turned up anyway!

Farage opted for a glass of red wine rather than a pint, which The Guardian was shocked by.

No pint! Bit off brand RT @DMcCaffreySKY Nigel Farage is here and has gone straight to the bar. #BattleForNumber10

Cameron's grilling from Jeremy Paxman came first, and Paxman went in for the kill immediately.

It seems David Cameron has been called into the headmaster's office for a serious talking to. #BattleForNumber10

David Cameron is not looking happy about Paxman's line of questioning.

5 more mins of Paxo and a sobbing Cameron will rule out standing for a second term #BattleForNumber10

To be honest, everyone was quite distracted by the enormous table.

That is an absolutely massive table. #BattleForNumber10

Paxman and Cameron face off over a Subbuteo table #BattleForNumber10

Nigel Farage looked on from the backstage shadows.

Watching Mr Cameron having to admit he has failed over his promise of reducing immigration #battlefornumber10

Miliband tried to get in on the action a bit too early.

It's not your turn yet Ed #BattleForNumber10 #EdEats

Jeremy Paxman didn't look very impressed.

This is my favourite Paxman facial expression of the lot #BattleForNumber10

Neither did Owen Jones.

Don’t tell me how this isn’t how you all feel. #LosingTheWillToLiveSelfie #BattleForNumber10

And Gary Lineker was just confused.

Thought #BattleForNumber10 was going to be a football documentary about the game's greats.

Anyway, people seemed to think Paxman got the best of Cameron.

Paxman: David Cameron, thank you. Oh, and here's your arse. [hands Cameron his arse] #BattleForNumber10

The next bit saw Cameron being grilled by the audience, but it wasn't very exciting.

C’mon audience! A massive target is standing in front of you. This is your big chance. You could be a YouTube sensation #BattleForNumber10

Except for one moment when it sounded like Kay Burley introduced Zayn Malik.

The moment when Kay Burley introduced Zayn Malik and everyone got very excited. #BattleForNumber10

It turned out just to be this guy.

Tell you what, that Zayn Malik's aged since he left 1D #Battle4Number10

Then it was Ed Miliband's time to be grilled by the audience, and they asked some awkward questions.

Such as "Why are you so gloomy?" as a big gloomy picture of Ed Miliband looked on in the background.

Here's Ed Miliband explaining that he isn't gloomy while an enormous gloomy photo of Ed Miliband looms behind him.

In fact Ed looked very sad.

Excellent reaction face. #BattleForNumber10

But things looked up when he got an unlikely campaign boost from Katie Hopkins' pledge to leave the country if he becomes PM.

If this man is Prime Minister I will leave the UK. This man is not Great Britain. This is Russell Brand in a chuffing suit #Battle4Number10

Katie Hopkins has threatened to leave the UK if Miliband's made PM. If that's not an incentive I don't know what is. #BattleForNumber10

In his final grilling by Paxman, Ed came out fighting. When asked whether he was up to running the country, he said: "Hell yes I'm tough enough."

I'm not sure that 'Hell yes I'm tough enough' is the right catchphrase for Ed. #BattleForNumber10

It raised some eyebrows.

"Hell yes I'm tough enough"....!!! Did he really just say that? #BattleForNumber10

And it didn't sound like the audience was completely convinced.

The moment when Ed Miliband insisted he was tough enough and the audience pissed themselves. #BattleForNumber10

Soon it was all over, and we all basically just felt like this.

When you realise that you’ve got another day at work before the weekend.

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