The Conservatives Put Alex Salmond On A Campaign Poster And A Meme Was Born

    What's in Alex Salmond's big pocket?

    This is the latest Conservative election campaign poster, featuring an enormous Alex Salmond with Ed Miliband in his pocket.

    Conservative Party

    It was unveiled on Sunday night, and within seconds the internet started making improvements to the poster. This one added a bacon sandwich.

    Of all the pictures of Ed Miliband they could of used for the Tory election poster... #GE2015

    Here's an owl.

    I believe it would #GE2015 RT @arrodenbow Would the owl fit in his pocket?

    In fact, all sorts of wildlife turned up in Alex Salmond's pocket.

    People also took inspiration from the important moment when Alex Salmond fed a Solero to a woman in 1999.

    Alex Salmond with Ed Miliband on his Solero. The frightening prospect we must avoid (no, seriously). (cc @JamieRoss7)

    Alex Salmond loves a Solero.

    This one featured the obscure meme of Balustrade Lanyard.

    "Half-arsed Photoshopping is no longer the sole preserve of the major parties." - Balustrade Lanyard

    Before long, other people started getting in on the action. Political Scrapbook put David Cameron in the pocket of Nigel Farage.

    Hey @grantshapps, we fixed your poster for you.

    Then Nigel Farage himself had a go, putting David Cameron in the pocket of Jean-Claude Juncker – the president of the EU Commission.

    Nice posters from the Tories today. It would be a great shame if someone spoofed them...

    Here's David Cameron in the pocket of a besuited HSBC building.

    I think this is way more frightening...could have a lot of fun with this... @David_Cameron @jonginn @Newnab

    Alex Salmond has called the original poster "fundamentally stupid" – maybe he'll be more keen on the internet's handiwork.

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