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    The BBC Held A Massive EU Debate In An Arena And It Was Absolutely Bizarre

    "Speaking as a childless gay man who's watching the Spain match..."

    The BBC hosted an absolutely bloody massive debate in Wembley Arena on Tuesday, and, as is tradition, the nation gathered together to take the piss out of the whole thing.

    The debate, held two days before the EU referendum, saw anti-EU figures Boris Johnson, Tory MP Andrea Leadsom, and Labour MP Gisela Stuart face off against pro-EU politicians Sadiq Khan, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, and trade union leader Frances O'Grady.

    The stipulations were made clear at the beginning, as each side tried to get through to the next round.

    EU referendum debate just starting on BBC1. If Remain win, they qualify top of their group.

    People playing drinking games immediately got pissed from the Vote Leave catchphrase.

    "Vote leave" DRINK "Take control" DRINK #BBCDebate

    *Wearily starts new tweet* Not sure about the new line-up of Kraftw— No. Just say no.

    The undecided voters were out in force.

    And the audience patiently waited for the conflict to begin.

    When do the Gladiators arrive #BBCDebate

    When the show started, everyone obviously agreed with the opinions they already had.


    The pub chain Wetherspoon's was inexplicably booed.

    There is a huge crowd booing Wetherspoons at Wembley Arena. Did any of us imagine this when they put a referendum in the manifesto?

    Boris Johnson started screaming about haggis in front of an audience of 6,000 people.

    "Boris can I ask you a qu-" "HAGGIS" I want to die. #BBCDebate

    Six. Thousand. People.

    That's it. Political engagement has gone too far.

    It was all thoroughly un-British.

    This is already the least-British political event Britain has ever seen #BBCDebate

    People were surprised by Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

    Oh my @RuthDavidsonMSP is good #BBCDebate

    Mainly because she had a proper old-fashioned rammy with fellow Tory Boris Johnson.

    If you haven't spotted it yet, Ruth Davidson FUCKING HATES BORIS

    People looked forward to David Dimbleby's musical debut.

    Dimbleby's microphone, last worn by H from Steps in 1999.

    But some were left disappointed.

    Ohhhh, I thought the stage at the back was for Dimbleby's acoustic set. #BBCDebate

    Especially when Bucks Fizz didn't make an appearance.

    There were a few slip-ups. Tory MP Andrea Leadsom called for "child-free tax care".

    ‘Child-free tax care’ - Leadsom going for the ‘as a non-mother’ vote there

    Which everyone obviously found hilarious.

    Boris and Sadiq had a sartorial nightmare by turning up in the same outfit.

    Embarrassing wardrobe clash in the #BBCDebate. Boris and Sadiq both in suits. Schoolboy stuff.

    There was a bizarre criticism of the EU that the member states couldn't order a curry together.

    Wait, why would 28 states order a takeaway curry?

    And everyone made their points with tiny little clenched fists.

    who first came up with the pointy-thumbed fist waggle, and how did it spread like this? #BBCDebate

    The mothers on the panel constantly talked about being mothers.

    Personally, as a mother, I'm going to make my arguments better, as a mother, by mentioning the words "as a mother" more often.

    Which left the childless gay football fans feeling a little left out.

    'speaking as a childless gay man who's watching the Spain match.....' #BBCDebate

    Boris succinctly answered some points.

    .@BorisJohnson responds to @RuthDavidsonMSP pointing out he said two months' ago Turkey wouldn't join EU #BBCDebate

    He backed immigration, to the confusion of some.

    Boris: "Let's celebrate immigrants and immigration." Ha ha ha ha ha #BBCDebate

    While the Lib Dems did whatever the hell this is.

    When Boris attacks immigration... anyone else wondering who’s pulling his strings? #INtogether #BBCDebate #EUref

    Ultimately, no one really seemed to enjoy themselves.

    I don't want to get too bogged down in technicalese, but this is fucking horrendous

    The producer gave up about halfway through.

    And, at the end of it all, we were all left asking ourselves this.


    One day to go, everyone. One day to go...