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26 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Grandmas Are Earth's Greatest Treasure

"All of you are alive right now because I got laid."

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1. The fashionable grandma:

GRANDMA: *handing me a tie* this belonged to your grandfather ME: But grandpa's still alive GRANDMA: Yeah but it's hideous

2. The angry grandma:

if your grandma doesn't get mad at you for saying "that's enough" wen she's serving you food, is she even your grandma? 🤔

3. The matchmaking grandma:

All my Grandma does is share memories on Facebook 😂 like she shared a pic with me and my ex on and said ‘Aw memories’ like wtf Francis!!

4. The overprotective grandma:

When your grandma tells your mom to leave you alone

5. The bold grandma:

My grandma says “blood is thicker than water” an awful lot for someone on so many blood thinners.

6. The real-estate-mogul grandma:


7. The discreet grandma:

hi, grandma? can u come pick me up from my rap battle? it's over. yup, i won. I saw the other guy get dropped off b…

8. The foodie grandma:

I told my grandma I was hungry & 20 minutes later...........

9. The complimentary grandma:

Date someone who thinks ur the most beautiful girl in the world and tells u every day and never lets u be sad or hungry. Date ur grandma

10. The favorite grandma:

*woman comes up to me at a bar* WOMAN: u lookin to have a good time? ME: omg ya *she takes me to my grandmas house & we watch judge judy*

11. The hospitable grandma:

When Everybody Sleep Over Grandma House

12. The concerned foodie grandma:

13. The dark grandma:

An actual phone conversation with my grandma: "I know you're sad your best friend is moving" Me: "yeah I am" "Well my best friend died."

14. The Dr. Dolittle grandma:

15. The outspoken grandma:

grandma: Hahahhahahha Me:what’s funny grandma: all of you are alive right now because I got laid.

16. The giving grandma:

I told my grandma I liked her shoes so she went out and got me a matching pair I am CRYINGGGGG

17. The toking grandma:

When your grandma thinks she just bought a hat describing herself but..

18. The legendary grandma:

19. The knitting grandma:

my grandma just asked me if i could maybe knit instead of smoking pot

20. The prioritizing grandma:

My grandma love bingo more than me I think but im fine with that

21. The sneezing grandma:

Who sneezes like that? #sneeze #fail #grandma #why #fail #lol #allergies

22. The brunchie grandma:

lol I asked grandma what her New Years resolution is and she said to drink more mimosas

23. The wise grandma:

“Love is all you need until it’s time to pay the bills” -my grandma

24. The sharing grandma:

i left my pajamas at home but my grandma said she had something i could wear and then she brought back this

25. The religious grandma:

do i have the heart to tell my grandma that this is obi-wan kenobi? let's find out

26. And the SUPER religious grandma:

My gran thought she had a Jesus bracelet and it's a JOHN CENA BRACELET

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