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    35 Things We Learned By Watching The "Infinity War" Extras

    Cap almost didn't show up until the end of the movie!

    1. The film had 6,000 crew members...

    Marvel / Via

    Thank you for your service!

    2. ...3,000 shots...

    Marvel / Via


    3. ...and 2,900 effects shots.

    Marvel / Via


    4. The Russo Brothers spent two years working on Thanos:

    Marvel / Via

    He is technically the main character, after all.

    5. The concept of "Strange Alchemy":

    Marvel / Via

    The directors used this term to describe the interactions between characters who had never met before. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Doctor Strange.

    6. Tom Holland looked like this:

    Marvel / Via

    What a cutie.

    7. Josh Brolin looked like this:

    Marvel / Via

    What a transformation!

    8. And he often had to act with this giant Thanos head above him:

    Marvel / Via

    Props to everyone who had to do serious acting opposite this.

    9. Kenneth Branagh made a subtle cameo:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    The Asgardian distress call at the beginning of the film was voiced by the Thor director.

    10. Valkyrie survived Thanos' attack on the Asgardian refugee ship:

    Marvel / Via


    11. But Korg's fate is still in question:

    Marvel / Via

    During the commentary, the creators said "Pray for Korg" in a very ominous tone. WE NEED YOU, KORG!

    12. They didn't show the destruction of Xandar for a reason:

    Marvel / Via

    The Russo Brothers believe each scene "needs to do more than one thing" and they wanted "every stone collection to be an emotional moment". They thought showing the destruction of Xandar would have felt repetitive.

    13. Happy was in a deleted scene:

    Marvel / Via

    We hope you're okay, Happy!

    14. They originally filmed Tony retrieving Cap's burner phone:

    Marvel / Via

    But it wasn't far-fetched to believe Tony would keep something this important on him at all times.

    15. Maw burning his hand on the necklace was a direct nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    A lot of the Russo Brothers' style was influenced by Steven Spielberg.

    16. Pratt and Hemsworth had "ridiculous" chemistry:

    Marvel / Via

    But we knew that.

    17. The directors consider Gamora the film's bravest character:

    Marvel / Via

    Damn straight.

    18. Co-Writer, Stephen McFeely, cameos as Secretary Ross' Aide

    Marvel / Via

    He learned during the commentary that he was, in fact, credited for the part.

    19. They wanted to reunite Cap and Tony, but thought it'd be too complicated:

    Marvel / Via

    They have too much baggage to work through.

    20. There was a KISS shoutout in a deleted scene:

    Marvel / Via

    Drax was not having "New York Groove" on repeat.

    21. The actors pumped up with the Wakanda battle cry:

    Marvel / Via

    The Russo Brothers were not familiar with the chants but the cast helped them out.

    22. The first scene they shot was the chat on Titan:

    Marvel / Via

    Just some heroes talking about Footloose, no big deal.

    23. Rocket had the eye up his ear:

    Marvel / Via

    Not his ass!?!

    24. Wakanda was filmed on a ranch in Georgia:

    Marvel / Via

    The Russo Brothers worked closely with Black Panther's director, Ryan Coogler, to get the setting right.

    25. Chris Pratt did a little improvising:

    Marvel / Via

    "For the record, this was my plan" was all Pratt.

    26. Rocket's "space dogs" line came from an audience member:

    Marvel / Via

    Someone referred to the outriders as "space dogs" in a test screening and the Russos thought it was hilarious.

    27. Cap almost didn't show up until the very end:

    Marvel / Via

    Everyone agreed that'd be all wrong, though.

    28. The dusting was revealed to the actors on set that morning:

    Marvel. / Via


    29. You can spot a scarecrow made of Thanos' armor in the background:

    Marvel / Via

    This is a nod to the comics.

    30. The film's timeline is only two days:

    Marvel / Via

    It all happened so fast!

    31. They filmed Samuel L. Jackson's dusting 12 times:

    Marvel / Via

    Each time he said "mother-fucker", the whole crew laughed.

    32. Paul Bettany clearly couldn't handle Mark's shenanigans:

    Marvel / Via

    "Fuck you, Ruffalo" is the best part of the gag reel.

    33. The creators like to compare Rocket to Louie De Palma:

    Marvel / Via, NBC / Via

    (Danny DeVito's Taxi character.)

    34. Evans and Hemsworth are adorbs:

    Marvel / Via

    Okay, we already knew that one.

    35. And the cast sure loves to dance:

    Marvel / Via


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