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What Are Some Of The Best Parts About Getting Your Period?


Sure, we all have unfortunate period stories.

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Sometimes it's painful.

Sometimes it's messy.

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But it's ~never~ something to be embarrassed about.

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In fact, sometimes your period gets you out of stuff...

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...and provides sweet relief when you discover you're not pregnant.

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Did cramps get you out of class, causing you to miss a pop quiz that would've definitely lowered your whole grade point average?

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Perhaps you bled through your pants, resulting in a generous stranger giving you a free pair, which you now wear all the time.

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Or maybe you learned that a hot dude was secretly a fuckboy who gets grossed out by a little blood.

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Embrace the positive and tell us about a time your period was your savior!

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Tell us your positive period stories in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!