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What Are Some Of The Best Parts About Getting Your Period?


Sure, we all have unfortunate period stories.

Sometimes it's painful.

Sometimes it's messy.

But it's ~never~ something to be embarrassed about.

In fact, sometimes your period gets you out of stuff...

...and provides sweet relief when you discover you're not pregnant.

Did cramps get you out of class, causing you to miss a pop quiz that would've definitely lowered your whole grade point average?

Perhaps you bled through your pants, resulting in a generous stranger giving you a free pair, which you now wear all the time.

Or maybe you learned that a hot dude was secretly a fuckboy who gets grossed out by a little blood.

Embrace the positive and tell us about a time your period was your savior!

Tell us your positive period stories in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!