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42 Details You (Probably) Never Noticed In Action Movies

So. Much. Adrenaline.

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2. The same actor played the main villains in Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Roadshow Film Distributors / Via, Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Hugh Keays-Byrne played Toecutter in the original film and Immortan Joe in Fury Road.

3. A poster for Batman v Superman can be seen in I Am Legend.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

I am Legend's writer, Akiva Goldsman, wrote an early draft of BvS, which never came to light. The film was eventually rewritten and made NINE YEARS later.

4. The eggnog scene in Lethal Weapon is a nod to The Manchurian Candidate.


11. The Expendables 3 references Demolition Man.

Lionsgate / Via, Warner Bros. / Via

Stallone tells Wesley Snipes that he will "smash him into pieces," which is a direct callback to their big showdown in Demolition Man. (The Expendables movies have countless references to action classics, but Demolition Man doesn't get enough credit.)


14. Neo's line "Mr. Wizard, get me the hell outta here!" from The Matrix is a reference to the '60s cartoon Tooter Turtle.

Warner Bros. / Via, NBC / Via

Keanu is also called "Mr. Wizard" during Point Break, making this one big Keanu/Tooter/action movie conspiracy.


18. Michael Biehn has played a Navy SEAL in The Rock, Navy SEALs, and The Abyss.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via, Orion Pictures / Via, 20th Century Fox / Via

He is, however, best known for playing Kyle Reese in The Terminator and Corporal Hicks in Aliens.


36. Nic Cage references John Woo in Kick-Ass, who directed him in Face/Off and Windtalkers.

Via, Paramount Pictures / Via, Metro Goldwyn Mayer / Via

He asks his daughter what John's first English language film was. (The answer is Hard Target.)


37. Clive Owen sports a 2012 London Olympics shirt in Children of Men, which was made in 2006.

Universal Pictures / Via

The location of the 2012 Olympics was announced in 2005, and Children of Men takes place in 2027.

38. In Saving Private Ryan, the soldiers who are shot while attempting to surrender are Czech, not German.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

They're saying, “Please don’t shoot me, I am not a German, I am a Czech, I didn’t kill anyone!” adding a whole new layer of brutal sadness to the film.

41. You can catch Pacific Courier and Atlantic Courier in Die Hard, Speed, and Die Hard with a Vengeance.

20th Century Fox / Via, 20th Century Fox / Via

Die Hard's cinematographer, Jan de Bont, directed Speed.

42. There are ads for The Terminator in Last Action Hero, but starring Stallone.

Columbia Picture / Via

Arnold and Sly take jabs and make references to each other in many of their films, including Twins, Tango & Cash, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, True Lies, and Demolition Man.