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32 Times The Internet Thirsted For Oscar Isaac

"I don't know what it is, but Oscar Isaac's got it."

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1. This outrage:

2. This emotional reminder:

oscar tightly embracing carrie and kissing her on the cheek...carrie mouthing “he’s good”...i’m emotional

3. This brain debate:

SMALL BRAIN: star wars is about redemption BIGGER BRAIN: star wars is about hope GALAXY BRAIN: star wars is about oscar isaac’s hair

4. This important question:

do straight women find oscar isaac hot or is it just gay men and lesbians

5. This po(e)se:

6. This fact:

Saw Star Wars and my main takeaway is that Oscar Isaac has chemistry with literally everything.

7. This TLJ review:


8. This day-maker:

here's oscar isaac smiling to brighten up your day

9. This mystery:

I don’t know what it is, but Oscar Isaac’s got it

10. This look inside the editing room:

the last jedi’s director of photography adding the 35th adoring closeup of oscar isaac’s face

11. This corporate stan:

"Into?" "Specifically? Oscar Isaac in space. Oscar Isaac chasing after his cat and pursuing a career in music. Osca…

12. This very true statement:

Oscar Isaac has chemistry with fucking EVERYONE. I ship Poe/Finn, Poe/Laura Dern, Poe/Hux, Poe/BB-8....

13. This confession:

id suck oscar isaac's toes if he let me send tweet

14. This chair you're jealous of:

every once in a while i remember just how hot oscar isaac looked in agora........... the audacity...........

15. This debate:

yo Kylo stans I'm really happy that you all got that shirtless Kylo scene but hear me out i think Poe Dameron deserved that shirtless scene

16. This look inside every TLJ character's mind:

Poe Dameron: [breathes] Each and every Star Wars character:

17. This revelation:

“Poe Dameron is a Han Solo for the Internet Boyfriend generation.” oh god DAMMIT i hate how true this is

18. This emergency:

911 i want to report a robbery poe dameron broke into my house and STOLE my HEART

19. This other TLJ review:

another spoiler-free TLJ review: poe dameron is still the hottest piece of ass in the galaxy

20. This intense feeling:

Poe Dameron is literally so fucking beautiful like damn you blessing me eyes like that

21. This big fucking wow:

22. This scientific conclusion:

I'm starting to think it's less that Poe Dameron is into Finn and more that he could have chemistry with a womp rat he's so charismatic

23. This relatable Hux moment:

kylo: man fuck poe dameron hux: im trying

24. This turn on:

My kink is Oscar Isaac saying "Estar Guars."

25. This declaration:

Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for poe dameron

26. This reminder:

how am i expected to focus on anything when poe dameron jumped out of the ship and slid into the trench like that

27. This:

oscar isaac. that's it, that's the tweet.

28. This other, other TLJ review:

the last jedi spoiler free review: poe dameron is very sexy. like. very. he’s “holy shit i love men i’m so happy to…

29. This tame request:

oscar isaac if u read this i’m free on thursday night and would like to hang out. please respond to this and then h…

30. This not-so-tame request:

i want oscar isaac to hit me right in the face with his guitar and knock me out cold

31. This brilliant business plan:

Charity Fundraiser Idea: Donate to secure a 5 minute slot in which you will be officially Oscar Isaac's BEST FRIEND…

32. And this:

Here’s a gif of Oscar Isaac looking directly at you. You’re welcome.

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