14 Feel-Good Moments From "Grace And Frankie" Season 3

    Warning: this post contains SPOILERS.

    1. Frankie leading the vibrator parade.

    2. "Bud's Super-Needy Girlfriend" drinking game.

    3. Cursing Kenny Loggins.

    4. Robert and Sol's love.

    5. This brilliant idea.

    6. In related news, Sol is a human Muppet.

    7. When Bud wasn't quite sure what to do with the strawberries.

    8. When the boys lent a hand.

    9. This colorful language.

    10. Brianna attempting to give advice.

    11. Jacob being the ideal boyfriend.

    12. Roger Freakin' Bart.

    13. Mallory's subtle martini slide.

    14. And all the times Grace and Frankie loved each other...


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