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Ten haircuts for men to try in 2017

A good haircut is often considered the ultimate accessory for achieving the desired look of which choosing a hairstyle can be quite challenging especially when looking for something different from what you are accustomed to. However, like most situations on God’s green earth, there exist certain principles which when considered, makes the choice reasonably easier. Just like body shape is considered in dressing, face shape is a key factor when choosing a hairstyle. This can easily be extrapolated by taking the dimensions of the face with a tape measure; widths of the jaw and forehead, as well as length from one cheekbone to the other, are measured. Then measure the length of the face from the hairline to the chin and compare with the average of the measurements. There are resources like eBooks and training guides that can inspire new and creative men’s hair cut.

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1. Face shapes

Based on these measurements, there are six kinds of face shapes;

•The Round face: the length is about the same as the width average. Generally, square styles will offset shape symmetry as will height or volume so it’s better to choose short hairstyles with shorter sides.

•The Oval face: the length is about 1.5 times longer than the width average. Anything goes for this group.

•The Oblong face: the length is more than 1.5 times longer than width average. Short and medium styles work

•The Square face: the length is about the same size as the width average but the jaw is considerably the widest part of the face. Short, tight styles will nicely accentuate bone structure for those with a square face.

•The Diamond face: the cheeks are the widest part of the face. Layered and high volume styles work for this group especially when a side swept bang is featured.

•The Triangle face: a significantly wider jaw compared to the forehead with a pointy chin. A mid-length style with an offset part will match this group.

3. Classic Pompadour


Although originally intended for women, the pump was modified and popularized as a male haircut by Elvis Presley and has since experienced a variety of modification with distinct levels of fades and partying.

5. Hard Part Pompadour


This happens to be my favourite variety of pompadour. It features a part with a mid fade and can be rocked by those with square face shapes. As seen in the image below, it’s a true masterpiece.

6. High Fade Comb Over


Looks like a relative of the Mohawk, the comb features long central hair which doesn’t go all the way to the back like the Mohawk. This style is often rocked by the football star; Arturo Vidal.

8. Mohawk


This would probably feel a little scorned if I didn’t include the Mohawk on this list. This hairstyle, like the pompadour, has undergone several modifications and is very amenable to personal styling.

9. Short Sides with Medium Hair


Another simple hairstyle that can be worn by different face shapes. It basically features an undercut with medium hair at the top. It can be made more stylish with a part at the sides.

10. Short Hair with Cropped Fringe


I have often seen this haircut on the marine soldiers which is why I consider it a style for a serious looking person. It may not be overly stylish but it sends a message of confidence and vigor.

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