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5 Reigning Technologies In 2017

The world is moving at an unbelievable pace with the mouth-watering advances in science and technology. I recently read about the nano wire battery that has been developed by scientists. This battery is one tenth the size of a strand of hair and can be used to power equipments such as nano cameras which can be used to explore body organs and blood vessels- creating a totally new dimension in medical imaging and intervention. The advent of technology has made day-to-day human interactions easier, promoting healthcare, growth of business and sharing of ideas on a global scale. No wonder it has been embraced from inception. Although, it is near impossible to keep track of all the changes and innovations with the ever dynamic nature of technology, here are five (5) trendy innovations you should know;

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1. Voice Roaming


Dubbed “the first voice roaming killer”, VoxEra is a new roaming project which enables you make and receive calls with your sim card anywhere in the world without paying roaming charges. All you need do is insert your sim into the VoxEra device and connect it to the internet before travelling. Once you have arrived at your destination, access an internet connection and download the VoxEra app to your phone. You can now stay connected to your loved ones through calls and messages at no roaming charge. It’s like making the calls with your sim card which is at home. The interesting thing about VoxEra is that it does not require the people you call to have the VoxEra device or app. Alternatively, if you cannot readily access an internet connection, VoxEra will send your calls and messages to your new number at a low cost. VoxEra is scheduled to be released in April 2017, although you could pre-order.

2. Artificial Intelligence

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Basically, artificial intelligence bestows human intelligence such as Learning and problem solving on machines. It has been in play for quite sometime with Apple’s Siri being a popular example. Artificial intelligence emanated from a theory that the human mind is so predictable that a computer could be programmed to behave like a human; this of course does not sit well with some people as there have been concerns-Probably the fear that machines will take over the world someday- though we know that only happens in movies, but then again, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently built a home butler like Iron man’s Jarvis so...

3. Chatbots


It has become increasingly evident that the best consumer-producer interactions take place via texting. That may have been the basis of developing the chatbots in the first place as humans may not be readily available to answer customer queries all the time. Chatbots is an offspring of artificial intelligence. It involves the use of computer programmes-Chatbots to interact with humans through text or audio. Chatbots use either natural language processing or running keywords through a database for replies. They have been used in several online services for customer interactions.

4. Mobile Messaging/Live Chat


With the increasing number of monthly active users across popular messaging platforms like facebook messenger and whatsapp, big brands have adopted such avenues for consumer engagement and marketing. The power of mobile messaging is well recognized in everyday life as well as businesses- today you will rarely find a new business without a blackberry messenger channel, whatsapp group or any platform for interaction with its consumers. According to a study by “Making Proactive Chat Work” 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered while in the middle of an online purchase is the best feature a website can offer- this is where live chat comes in, providing customers with immediate help which in turn inspires loyalty to a brand and confidence in the provider of service.

5. Virtual Reality


Virtual reality (VR) uses software to simulate real life environment and situations with which the user can interact. It tracks human motion through sensors and reacts accordingly, Giving the sense of interactivity. Virtual reality has been employed in gaming by Sony (playstation eye/move), Nintendo (Wii remote) and Microsoft (kinect). Even in entertainment, some film makers use 360-degree or VR cameras that have the ability to record in all directions. Virtual reality is useful in medical and military training where real life situations can be simulated almost perfectly.