27 Reasons Why We Should All Aspire To Be Ralph Wiggum

    To bend one's Wookiee is to be human.

    1. Ralph calls it like he sees it.

    2. Ralph isn't afraid to express himself.

    3. He has dreams.

    4. But he also knows what it's like to have your dreams crushed.

    5. That's okay though. Ralph just rolls with it.

    6. He's open-minded.

    7. Ralph thinks outside the box.

    8. He enjoys opportunities to celebrate with his friends.

    9. He likes to stay well-rested.

    10. Ralph has an inner warmth.

    11. He has a way with words.

    12. He has heroes.

    13. Ralph owns up to his mistakes.

    14. But those mistakes don't stop him from trying.

    15. Ralph goes through the same struggles that all of us do.

    16. Ralph is good with the ladies.

    17. Ralph tries new things. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but you never know until you try.

    18. Ralph has a backup plan in case things go south.

    19. Ralph is versatile.

    20. Ralph is open to new experiences.

    21. He knows what he wants.

    22. Ralph follows rules.

    23. He is a great and innovative chef.

    24. Ralph is hip with the times.

    25. He appreciates classic music.

    26. Ralph knows how to have fun.

    27. Above all, Ralph Wiggum likes being Ralph Wiggum.