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    Sonny The Dog Doesn't Let The World Keep Him Down

    Warning: Feels ahead.

    This is Sonny, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever.

    Tina Ruvalcaba / Via

    In an email to BuzzFeed, Sonny's owner, Tina Ruvalcaba, explained that Sonny had a stroke as a puppy, leaving him partially paralyzed.

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    A breeder they knew had a dog who was having puppies, and Ruvalcaba and her husband wanted the runt of the litter.

    When Sonny was a month old, Ruvalcaba noticed something wasn't quite right. "he would walk a few steps and fall over," she told BuzzFeed. "He looked like he was blind."

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    The breeder rushed Sonny to a vet where they were told he had suffered a stroke. Later X-rays would show that Sonny was also missing a vertebrae, which is why his head hangs slightly forward.

    The breeder offered Ruvalcaba the option to pick another dog, but she refused. "He was our boy and we would do whatever we needed to make his life comfortable and complete."

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    Despite Sonny's condition, he lives a fairly normal and happy dog life.

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    The only problems are the occasional ear infection and a tendency to tire quickly on walks.

    Sonny's life got even better four years ago when he was reunited with his brother Buddy. Buddy needed a new home, and his original owners got in touch with the Ruvalcabas, who were thrilled to take him in.

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    "They were so happy to see each other," she said.

    "Sonny is the alpha dog," Ruvacalba said. "He is the boss of Buddy, [but] Buddy doesn't mind as long as he has a ball in his mouth."

    Tina Ruvalcaba

    What a cutie.

    Tina Ruvalcaba

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