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I Went To Fashion Week Dressed As Waldo And A Bunch Of People Found Me

It's an iconic look.

On Tuesday I went to Lincoln Center to check out the scene outside New York Fashion Week. I wanted to be inconspicuous and just observe, so I dressed up as Waldo, a character known for his hiding ability.

This plan failed completely.

Some people spied me from far away.

Others got up close and personal.

My outfit cost about $30 bucks from an online Halloween costume store. I was surrounded by people wearing clothes that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

So naturally people wanted pictures with me.

I was interviewed a couple times.

But mostly I just walked around.

Looking for my buddy The Wizard Whitebeard.

And trying to avoid that dickwad Odlaw.

I opened up Google Maps to try to figure out where I was.

I sat down.

I heard "I found you!" a lot.

I probably ruined what were otherwise good shots just by virtue of being in the background.

But other times I accidentally contributed to some pretty artsy photos.

Later, I found out that my horizontal stripes were apparently a big hit on the runway, too.

It makes sense. Red and white stripes make a bold statement.

Iconic, really.

Also I think canes are making a comeback.

And round glasses will be the new hipster glasses. I'M CALLING IT YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

After a couple hours it was time to leave.

Eagle-eyed New Yorkers even spotted me on my way back to the BuzzFeed office.

People may have found me, but in the end, I like to think I found... myself.

You can see more Fashion Waldo here.