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    21 Signs You Grew Up With A Lot Of Pets

    "Do you live in a zoo or something?"

    1. You're not entirely sure how you ended up with so many animals living in your house.

    Disney / Via

    It just sort of happened. I guess they're drawn to you?

    2. You often forget pets when you're listing all of them.

    thinkstock / James Grebey

    It's nothing personal! There's just so many of them it's easy to lose track. (And it's usually the fish).

    3. Anytime a visitor comes to your house you need to give them a tour like it's a zoo or something.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    And this joke gets old real quick.

    4. You vehemently deny allegations that you're a crazy cat lady because you also have a bunch of other types of pets.

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    5. You rarely go on vacation because of all your pets.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    You can't just leave them behind. Too many lives are at stake.

    6. Or if you do go on vacation, you leave your poor pet-sitters with a huge list of instructions.


    7. The "what was the name of your first pet" security question is super not helpful when you have a dozen to choose from.

    8. Trips to the vet are a nightmare when you have to bring a whole menagerie for a checkup at once.

    thinkstock / James Grebey

    9. There are pets sleeping everywhere you look.

    10. When people with only one pet complain about shedding you just laugh.

    They don't know your struggle.

    11. Friends with allergies will never visit your house.


    "Can you just keep them in the other room while I'm there?"

    "I don't have that type of power."

    12. People may have told you that your place smells like animals, but you don't notice.

    Warner Bros. Television. / Via

    13. You try not to think about how much money you spend on pet food.


    14. Sometimes it seems like your pets know they outnumber you.

    15. You know that sometimes things are rocky when you add yet another pet to the mix.

    thetorkfool / Via

    You're very used to playing moderator.

    16. Sometimes having so many pets seems like a recipe for disaster.

    17. You know your pets have a clearly-established hierarchy among themselves.

    rtedwhite / Via

    And the pecking order doesn't always work the way you think it will.

    18. You make sure to give the oldest pet of the bunch a little extra respect.


    (Even if the other pets sometimes don't).

    19. Your pets are such a huge presence that sometimes you think they're part of the family.

    Kristian Septimius Krogh / Via

    "I have a huge family."

    "Oh, do you have a lot of siblings?"

    "No, I'm an only child with 14 pets."

    *backs away slowly*

    20. You tell people you don't have a favorite pet.

    21. (But secretly there's one pet above the rest you have a special bond with.)


    You still love all of 'em though!

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