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    8 Tory Conference Policies That Jeremy Corbyn Has Not Responded To (Yet)

    "Whereabouts is Jeremy this week?"

    1. Requiring companies to publicly list how many foreign workers they employ.

    This has been an unpleasant, xenophobic Tory Conference. Explains UKIP chaos. Theresa May has presided over the return of the Nasty Party.

    Even the Conservative-supporting Daily Telegraph condemned the measure as a "silly stunt" in a scathing leader column.

    "Amber Rudd’s talk of forcing firms to declare what proportion of their workforce is foreign-born sounds alarmingly like an attempt to “name and shame” companies with foreign staff," it said. "Instead of such silly stunts, ministers would be better to ask why firms chose to employ immigrants."

    2. Fining British doctors who work abroad, and suggesting foreign doctors working in the UK will be expelled.

    3. Using the right of EU citizens living in the UK to stay here as "one of our main cards" in Brexit talks.

    Just been promoted from Professor of Economics to UK Brexit bargaining chip. I love this place.

    4. Excluding combat soldiers from human rights rules.

    5. Relaxing housing rules on the minimum size of rooms so young people can have homes.

    6. Announcing that the UK will have a "hard" Brexit and will almost certainly leave the single market, to crack down on immigration.

    7. Looking to restrict which universities can grant student visas, and what those visas allow.

    8. Making knowingly providing a home for illegal immigrants a criminal offence.