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What Skin Care Hack Do You Absolutely Swear By?

It's time to share the knowledge.

Admit it: You feel like a #BOSS when your skin is lookin' flawless!

And when all your friends ask what your secret is, you say it's "good genes."


Maybe you apply daily snail-slime face masks.

Or perhaps you've perfected an at-home massage technique to keep wrinkles at bay.

Or maybe to maintain that inner glow, you sip a glass of red wine before bed.

We want to know what skin care hack you absolutely swear by. What hidden gem can give us skin blessed by the skin care gods?

Share your favorite skin care hack, whether it's an underrated product or a beauty ritual known only to you, via the DropBox below. You just might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video. Feel free to include pictures.