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    23 Side-By-Side Photos Of Famous Models With And Without Makeup

    Slayin' on and off the runways.

    1. Along with her ~award-winning~ personality, Chrissy Teigen always has an effortless glow with bold lips and flushed cheeks.

    2. Precious Lee's glowing melanin looks like it was literally kissed by the sun, whether she's wearing makeup or not.

    3. It's clear that OG supermodel Christy Turlington literally does not age, which is why she can pull off a barely-there makeup look or rock a bold red lip.

    4. Karlie Kloss always sports that "natural" skin finish, whether she's just hanging out or smizing backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

    5. Naomi Campbell has been slayin' edges for years. Share your secrets on having smooth, rich skin and perfectly contoured cheekbones, Naomi!

    6. Whether makeup-less in bed or walking the Balmain show in a bold metallic lip, Kendall Jenner is positively stunning.

    7. How can you deny Kylie Jenner's fresh, freckled face and bold brow on and off the red carpet? Icon.

    8. With genes from her mother, Cindy Crawford, it's no wonder Kaia Gerber's beauty shines both on Instagram and on the catwalk.

    9. And speaking of Cindy Crawford, her skin is like fine wine, only getting better with age.

    10. Gigi Hadid's alluring makeup-free selfies are just as amazing as her bodacious neon pink eyes on the runway.

    11. Bella Hadid's piercing features — whether fresh-faced or with a sultry glitter lip — are model goals.

    12. Joan Smalls' beauty is breathtaking — both with and without a daring, captivating smokey eye.

    13. Ashley Graham's morning face shines just as beautifully as her nude lip and nighttime smokey eye on the red carpet.

    14. Can we just take a moment to thank the melanin gods for Duckie Thot's rich skin?!

    15. Alessandra Ambrosio's beauty aesthetic is so minimally chic and effortless, whether she's sans makeup for an IG selfie or posing in a red lip on the red carpet.

    16. Amilna Estevao's radiant skin is breathtaking, both when she's casually bare-faced and when she's slayin' glossy brown lips and a rich smokey eye.

    17. Adriana Lima's Brazilian glow knows no limits — her defined brows, fuss-free skin, and red lips are such statement-makers.

    18. Winnie Harlow's skin is bomb when chillin' at the salon or sashaying down the runway with a vibrant cobalt eye and magenta lips!

    19. Heidi Klum's an OG that can teach us all a thing or two about carefree beauty both on and off the red carpet.

    20. Imaan Hammam literally looks the same on and off the runway, struttin' her stuff with a minimal makeup look that shows off that glowy skin!

    21. Even on the runway, Jourdan Dunn's bold eyes and nude lips are just as beautiful as her sunny, breezy, makeup-less poses.

    22. Makeup or no makeup, Slick Woods' aesthetic always captures her badassery.

    23. And lastly, Israeli model Bar Refaeli's approach to beauty is so nominal, even her red carpet glam is approachable and replicable.