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    Vogue Will Feature Its First "Third-Gender" Person On Its Cover Next Month, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

    Muxes are indigenous transgender women who mix gay male and feminine identities.

    Next month, the Mexican and British editions of Vogue will feature an indigenous muxe woman on the cover for the first time in the magazine's 120-year history.

    Jan Sochor / Getty Images

    The Vogue cover will feature Estrella Vazquez, a 37-year-old indigenous Zapotec muxe, wearing a traditional huipil garment with colorful flowers and holding a gorgeous pink embroidered fan.

    The word "muxes" (pronounced moo-she) refers to the Mexican community of indigenous transgender women who "mix gay male and feminine identities," according to the Guardian. Within Mexico, they also describe themselves as a "third gender."

    Jan Sochor / Getty Images

    "Everyone is seeing this cover, everyone is congratulating me," Estrella told Reuters. "I don’t know; it’s just hard to make sense of the emotions I’m feeling. It almost makes me want to cry."

    People on Instagram are excited for the cover, like this person who thanked Vogue Mexico for the fantastic cover and the magazine's work to bring this to the world.

    And this person is excited that the cover will show the true diversity of Mexico.

    Although the term may not be well-known outside of Mexico, members of the muxe community live throughout the Mexican metropolitan areas in southern Oaxaca. The Zapotec language used in the community is completely gender-neutral, resulting in no association of people, objects, or actions with male- or female-gendered pronouns.

    Jan Sochor / Getty Images

    Congratulations to Estrella and the muxe community for continuing to push for authentic representation in fashion!


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