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    These "Overheard" Conversations Will Make You Actually Laugh Out Loud

    "Some people go to Starbucks and never come back."


    “Some people go to Starbucks and never come back.” #overheard at Trader Joe’s


    Just overheard someone sigh dramatically and someone else respond “right??”


    “I love this weather because all the frat boys pull out their best hats and patterned patagonias.”


    Overheard in Harlem: "I'm not even cold. I'm... *disgusted*."


    At Whole Foods for seven minutes and have overheard “it has tumeric in it” exactly four times


    just overheard my fave insult ever: “you’re clearly an unhappy individual. i hope you have a long life”


    Just overheard on campus “Yeah dude, finals are coming up and I don’t even own the textbook yet” Mood


    Overheard in the office: "why should I wash my hands before eating, they're just gonna get dirty again haha"


    Overheard on the London tube. Passenger X: Is this the end of May? Passenger Y: You all right mate? Its the middle of November!


    overheard in a soho coffee shop: “I just had no idea how much work goes into podcasting.”


    Overheard: “My dad froze my account and I only had $4 in my pocket last night so I went to the Sunoco and bought 3 scratch offs and won $15 so guess who’s going out tonight”


    overheard my work crush say she can’t date coworkers anymore so i put my two weeks in today


    Just overheard an elderly lady in Starbucks say “Enjoy yourself, be mellow!” ...and now I have a new life motto.


    overheard at the park today son: Mommy, look! There’s a dolphin out in the ocean! mom: No, honey. That’s a duck and it’s a lake.


    just overheard a little girl say “i don’t really want anything for Christmas, just a family that loves me” and i thought that was so nice/sweet and then she goes “or money, money would be nice” 😂😂😂😂


    Exam time. Two of my favorite overheard student quotes so far *as they prepare to cross football pitch to the exam hall 👨‍🎓: I hate this part. It’s like walking the green mile *this morning on way to exam 👩‍🎓: you know in retrospect I really haven’t studied for today’s exam


    Overheard: “I need a hairy bearded Spaniard on top of me.” 🤣 I’m not mad at him and I understand. 🙌🏽


    Just overheard a Middle Aged man call someone a “douche waffle” in a serious conversation Think I’ve seen all there is to see in America now


    "Where is my corpse?" -Things overheard when your person is a #gamer