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People On Twitter Are Reacting To Times TV And Movies Body Shamed Fat People

A Twitter thread sparked conversation around TV and movie moments where fat shaming was a part of the story line.

Media has played a huge role in how we perceive our bodies and others'. On Monday, a Twitter thread, started by @KivaBay, prompted users to recall TV and movie scenes where characters were fat shamed. Click here to read the entire thread and the countless submissions from the community.

One user mentioned a scene in Jurassic Park, where audio signals were used to emphasize a fat man slipping.

And another user mentioned a one-liner from WALL-E that suggested that "All the humans have gotten fat."

Instances where popular cartoon characters, like Connie from the show Doug, were made "skinny overnight," were mentioned.

Some users even mentioned episodes that suggested romantic attraction to someone plus-size was repulsive or foreign.

@KivaBay Also that episode of the Fresh Prince where Will dates Queen Latifah and feels guilty because he couldn’t possibly be attracted to someone so overweight. (Also, Queen Latifah is beautiful and always has been!)

People mentioned moments that stuck with them, like Augustus from the classic film, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory:

Or this moment on Friends when Monica wore a fat suit:

Some users felt that the references weren't shaming fat people, but encouraging health and fitness. However, this user made the valid argument that there is a clear difference between sharing health information and using people’s size as a ploy for a cheap laugh. Also, you can't determine how healthy someone is based on their size because everyone’s body is different, but we're all fabulous regardless!

Are there any TV/movie fat shaming moments that stuck with you? Leave your thoughts down in the comment section.

UPDATE: This post has removed tweets due to the account's request.