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17 Top Secret Money-Saving Tips Starbucks Employees Won't Tell You

I'm spillin' all the pun intended.

1. Instead of ordering an iced latte, get a triple espresso over ice in a venti cup, and then fill it up with milk over at the counter. Yep, you just saved $2.

Starbucks, @aubernutter / Via

2. Stop paying for a new cup of coffee after you finish the first — as long as you stay in store, you can get a refill for 50 cents!


3. Instead of ordering a chai latte, get a hot chai tea and ask them to add hot milk.


Same effect, cheaper cost.

4. Save 10 cents each visit by bringing in a reusable plastic cup when ordering — if you drink a cup of coffee a day, you'll save $36 a year.

@chantallusklife / Via

5. For all the crazy pumpkin spice lovers, recreate the iced version by getting a triple shot over ice and then asking for a side of chai and a side of white chocolate mocha.

6. Order a short cappuccino, which has the same amount of caffeine as a tall and is cheaper.


I don't care if it's only 10 cents — that dime matters!

7. Sign up for Starbucks Rewards and pay with the app to receive free and discounted drinks and food.

@yennphii / Via

8. That includes a free birthday drink, free in-store refills, exclusive membership perks, and the ability to order ahead.

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9. Order an Americano instead of a coffee — it's cheaper than a specialized drink, but has more caffeine than a regular coffee.

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10. Do not pay for water! The tap water in the store is filtered, and you can get a free cup of water if you ask the barista.

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11. Instead of ordering a dirty chai, get a latte with chai syrup instead — it's basically the same thing without the cost of added espresso shots.

Starbucks Secret Menu

12. If you and your friend both want hot tea, order a grande, which comes with two teabags, and ask for a separate cup of hot water.


Two for the price of one!

13. And when you order tea, ask for no water — the water dilutes the caffeine and you'll get more tea for your buck.


14. Instead of ordering a pink purple drink and being upcharged for coconut milk, ask for a strawberry acai refresher with no water and ask for a side of coconut milk when you get your drink.

@paulsfoodhaul / Via

15. Instead of ordering a latte, get a misto red eye and add extra milk.

Starbucks, @_my_little_tribe_ / Via

If you need two shots, order a black eye. For three shots, a green eye.

16. Save money by ordering a venti iced tea with no ice, and then ask for two cups of ice on the side.


17. Lastly, check places like Groupon, where you can occasionally get $10 Starbucks gift cards for only $5.

@trademysbcard / Via

We all love Starbucks, but a dollar saved is a dollar earned.


Any other money-saving Starbucks tips we missed? Let us know in the comments!