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What Are Your Favorite Women-Owned Fashion And Beauty Brands?

I want to know all the details so we can spend these coins and support women-owned businesses.

March is Women's History Month, and what better way to celebrate badass women than by spotlighting all the amazing beauty and fashion brands spearheaded by us?

Maybe you, like me, love Epara, the first luxury skincare brand at Barneys created by a black woman, Ozohu Adoh.

Or maybe your amazing wardrobe is a result of Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service founded by Katrina Lake.

Perhaps you swoon over the brand Fenoel, a resort-inspired women's collection based in Brooklyn (AND worn by forever first lady, Michelle Obama).

And perhaps the colorful palettes at Juvia's Place just put your makeup game on fleeeeek.

Whatever women-owned brands you love, we want to know! Tell us your favorites — and WHY we should know about them — down in the DropBox! Who knows? You may just end up in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!