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    10 Shows With The Best Wardrobe On TV

    These shows prove that no matter who you are or what your job is, style knows no bounds.

    1. Scandal


    Scandal was my Thursday night guilty pleasure, not only for Olivia Pope's drama, but also because I wanted to see what she was going to wear each episode.

    Want to know the inspiration behind Olivia's style? Lyn Paolo, Scandal's costume designer, told The Daily Front Row, "I tend to keep looking at InStyle and the runways…whatever’s new out there. We’re kind of like sharks, because we’re always looking. We’re not completely loyal to one brand, other than the Prada purse. We’re kind of all over the place, but it really depends on the piece and the garment."

    2. How To Get Away With Murder

    Bob D'amico / Getty Images

    Lyn Paolo is also the costume designer behind Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) on How to Get Away with Murder.

    Paolo told MPAA, "Each of them has to have a distinct look and the choice of using that amazing burgundy leather jacket on her was a brilliant choice. She’s strong and she’s different and that she’s not a normal lawyer. I love the choice they made, however going forward with the character, her life became more convoluted and more difficult. I tried to soften the edges a little. I feel like Viola brings that strength."

    3. Grown-ish

    Eric Mccandless / Freeform

    Grown-ish is such a style show that the main character, Zoey (Yara Shahidi), lands her dream job as a fashion intern at Teen Vogue. Talk about securing the bag, right?

    Four-time Emmy-nominated costume designer Michelle Cole is to thank for all the cute outfits. Cole told Teen Vogue, "She’ll wear a robe with a Sade t-shirt underneath and then a scarf and big hoop earrings. We did take a bit more risks with a Gucci loafer and Zara PJ outfit, which was one of my favorites. I love that when she gets up in the morning that she doesn’t really think about it, she just puts it on."

    4. Black-ish


    If you've ever checked out Black-ish, you've seen the bright and colorful clothes worn by the Johnson family. Stacy Beverly is the costume designer behind the magic and told The Muse, "We get to put it out there, exhibit what we as black people might consider 'insider' style — a uniqueness and all the places we come from. One moment we can be in the neighborhood we grew up in, and we have that type of look. Then there's the look that we go out into the world and show off. A lot of us are well traveled and educated, and that aspect of our personality combines with the couture and edginess. A big melting pot of experiences that I like to portray in the wardrobe."

    5. Downton Abbey


    If you're into 1920s fashion, I'm sure you've already been binge-watching Downton Abbey. Costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins creates the beautiful outfits on the show, and we get to see the women wear everything from menswear-inspired fits to bohemian The Great Gatsby-inspired dresses and accessories.

    6. House of Cards


    Diehard House of Cards fans aren't just obsessed with political drama, but also with Claire Underwood's style. She's fly, fierce, and fabulous!

    Kemal Harris creates Claire's outfits, and told Hollywood Reporter, "I made a conscious decision not to give Claire a handbag because, pardon my French, she's the f—ing president of the United States, and she has work to do."

    7. Empire


    I'm completely obsessed with Cookie's style on Empire. Every episode, Cookie slays. With a name like Cookie, did you expect anything else?.

    To achieve Lyon's epic style, Rita McGhee, the show's costume designer, told LA Times, "Cookie's the queen of the jungle. She's a tiger mom, a lioness who's waiting to pounce. Any kind of animal print or skin I can find really adds to the character."

    8. Scream Queens


    Fox's Scream Queens actually makes me scream when I see the beautiful outfits on this show, the style alone gets me every time.

    Emmy-winner Lou Eyrich knew how to get inspiration for the clothes. She told Fashionista, "These girls would watch what's going on on They're up on what's happening on the runways and then they emulate it. So I went on a lot and just really researched what's happening in the fashion world right now — especially for the fall."

    9. Insecure


    Other than actually LOL'ing to Issa Rae on her hit sitcom Insecure, I love how relatable and true to the culture the fashion on the show is. That's because of Ayanna James Kimani, who worked on the first three seasons of the show and gave us some of the most memorable looks, including the tailored power suits, tribute tees, and sweatshirts. Now, Kimani is lending her expertise to OWN's Queen Sugar.

    10. And lastly, The Crown


    The style on The Crown is so lavish, it's easy to see how the budget is rumored to be over $100 million dollars. Michele Clapton, three-time Emmy-winning designer, spoke on all the research that was required for the show, as well as moments that allowed for full creative power.

    On dressing Margaret, Clapton told Grazia Daily, "For her costumes, I wanted to look at the movement outside of the royal family – what was really going on. We also hand painted and beaded this lovely mink colored dress for a scene when she gives a speech at the American embassy, and I just thought, 'I’m going to put great big pockets in it.' I loved the idea of her having pockets in this evening dress so that she could swagger around, and Vanessa loved that too. With Margaret, everything was just a little better cut – the coats were a bit longer, there was just a bit more thought about it. I enjoyed playing the two sisters against each other."

    What are your favorite stylish shows to watch?