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    17 Gifts For Anyone Who Practices Self-Care

    Self-care is different for everyone, but we wouldn't mind these under our tree.

    We hope you like the products we recommend! SK-II has sponsored this gift guide to help us bring you our favorite gifts for your friends (and yourself). Enjoy!

    Hi everyone! Essence Gant, Senior Beauty Editor, here. Now that the holidays are in full swing, the As/Is team and I put together recommendations for you to find the BEST gifts this year. Know someone who wants to get even deeper into self-care? This gift guide is all you need.

    1. A fragrant soy wax candle that will have your entire room smelling like love and happiness after a long day.

    2. A chic journal to help you plan everything out in your day.

    3. A three-piece skincare set that tones, diminishes dark spots, refines skin texture, and restores skin hydration all day, every day.

    4. A diffuser that disperses oil-infused steam to help you relax.

    5. A herbal tea sampler kit to sip your favorite flavors and calm your nerves during the holidays.

    6. A curated wellness and beauty subscription box that helps you set your intentions and incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

    7. A non-slip fitness mat you can stay grounded on while doing pilates or yoga.

    8. A bath bomb gift set to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized no matter the weather.

    9. A bluetooth water bottle that keeps you hydrated while blasting your favorite tunes.

    10. An ice roller that will calm down inflammation, redness, and puffiness on the skin.

    11. A set of acupressure rings to improve energy and concentration throughout the day.

    12. An essential oil gift set that lets you decompress from the world even for a moment.

    13. A lavender and chamomile spray to mist on your pillows right before you go to bed.

    14. A light therapy energy lamp to lift your mood and combat sleep issues.

    15. A set of crystals to help you recharge and support your energy flow and chakras.

    16. A meditation journal to chronicle self healing and emotional evolution every day.

    17. A weighted blanket to loosen your nerves and provide relief for a wonderful night's rest.