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How Do You Self-Care On A Budget?

Self-care doesn't have to just be for the privileged.

Yoga classes, facials, and occasional shopping sprees are great self-care options, but they don't always come cheap. What's one to do if you really need to lift your spirits but you're running low on funds?

Jackf / Getty Images

Maybe watch a YouTube tutorial that teaches the art of meditation and deep breathing.

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Perhaps a nighttime routine with incense and candles to decompress after a long day.


An uplifting podcast that pours positive affirmations into your life?

Andriikobryn / Getty Images

Or maybe a DIY face mask that's inexpensive and just as effective as high-end facials.


However you practice self-care in a budget-friendly way, we want to know!


Share your life-changing self-care rituals via the DropBox below — and send pictures too if you've got 'em! You just might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!