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    People Are Wishing Betty White Happy Birthday And Today Should Be A National Holiday

    🎶 Haaaaaappy birthdaaaaay to one of the most iconic people I have ever loved and known and appreciated, Betty White.

    It's time to pop that bubbly, folks! Happy 97th birthday to Betty White!

    White is best known as the actress behind the whimsical-yet-sweet Rose Nylund on the popular '90s sitcom Golden Girls. Other than giving me laughs on laughs, she also served LEWKS on that show that I will never forget, honey.

    She's America's grandma/sweetheart, and #BettyGang rolls deep. I love Betty, you love Betty, we all love Betty!

    A BIG Happy 97th Birthday to the ONE and ONLY, Betty White!! #BettyWhite

    People stand in solidarity for our queen's day, like this person who says White's birthday "should be a national holiday," and I AGREE:

    Betty White’s Birthday should be a National Holiday. #BettyWhite

    In case anyone thought differently, the receipts were brought and delivered:

    Today, Betty White turns 97 years old. She has had the longest television career of any female entertainer - spanning 80 years. She has received multiple awards, including: 8 Emmy Awards, 3 SAG Awards, and a Grammy. Happy birthday, Betty 🎂

    This person wanted to set the record straight — Betty isn't "cute," she's freakin' badass.

    Happy 97th birthday Betty White - who is not "cute". Just a fierce, supremely talented woman who blazed trails for everyone who came after.

    MK Genest felt how many of us probably felt when we saw #BettyWhite trending, but SURPRISE, we celebratin' birthdays:

    I got on Twitter first thing and saw Betty White and James Earl Jones trending. Not gonna lie, To my relief, it is just their birthday. May the legends live on!

    Apparently Betty's shared the secret for longevity and while I don't think that's a winning combo, WHO AM I to refute her teachings:

    Happy 97th Birthday Betty White! Born in 1922... which is a Dog year. 🐶 #WaxFigure Hope to meet her one day! Betty credits vodka & hot DOGS for her longevity. 🌭 #connection

    In fact, we all know White is still fighting the good fight:

    @jennychristodal She will outlive us all. It's better this way.

    And we're rooting for 97 more years:

    Betty White turned 97 today. WHAT A LEGEND! Here’s to another 97 🤘🏻

    Lauren Whitney confessed to having all the Golden Girls episodes on DVD, and same sis:

    I love Betty White so much!! She is the best, I grew up on the Golden Girls with my grandma and not ashamed to say I have all the seasons on DVD 😂

    All I know is I'm turning up for a real one's birthday! Happy Birthday, Betty!