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    22 Odd Things You Do That You May Think Nobody Else Does But Actually A Lot Of People Do

    Okay, some of these things I may have to try out for myself.

    Have you ever felt like you're the only person in the entire world who does an odd thing? Well, first of all — there's like 8 billion people in the world, so the likelihood of that is slim to none. Secondly, sometimes it's nice to know that you are not alone, and that others are just as odd as you.

    So when Redditor Edwoodz3 asked, "What is an odd behaviour of yours you think only you do?" I wanted to know 1) what do y'all be doing, and 2) does anyone do anything I do. Here's a few of the standout findings:

    1. This walking behavior that probably isn't safe:

    "I see how far ahead I can walk with my eyes closed before I get freaked out and have to open them."


    2. This sniffing behavior that I PROMISE is not about cocaine:

    "I have noticed I often sniff when I enter a room so I don't scare people by just talking out of nowhere."


    3. This talking behavior that...I think we all kinda do:

    "Talking to myself in gibberish when I'm doing something as though I were explaining what I'm doing."


    4. This flapping behavior that I have to see for myself:

    "I have hyperhydrosis (fancy word for sweating a lot) and my T-shirts are constantly sticking to my armpits. To unstick them, I just lift my elbows up and down a few times. Basically, I flap my arms like a chicken. Most of the time, I don't even realize I'm doing it. Imagine having a conversation with someone you have never met and they randomly start flapping like a chicken out of the blue and act like nothing just happened with no explanation.


    5. This hand behavior that I'm inclined to try:

    "I walk fast. When it's a crowded place, I use hand gestures whenever another person gets in my way to tell them where I will go, like I point to the left and they automatically move to the right without any awkwardness. It works more often than I initially thought. I guess people tend to follow such unexpected gestures unconsciously."


    6. This driving behavior that really proves it's better to be safe than sorry:

    "Every time I shift into neutral, I wiggle the stick back and forth a bit as a sanity check."


    7. This gang behavior that I think really may just be this one person, LOL:

    "I throw up gang signs at my dog. Don't know why it started but I get a laugh out of it and my dog just likes the attention."


    8. This dramatic behavior that happens in multiple acts:

    "If I accidentally hit my head or something when I was little, I'd pretend to be knocked out for at least 10 minutes on the floor and then get up when I'd realize nobody was going to indulge my dramatic ass."


    9. This writing behavior that might prep the pen:

    "Just before I'm about to write, sometimes I'll do this little circle thing in the air above the paper, like I'm revving the pen up before I use it."


    10. This pillow behavior that sounds like a winner:

    "I make a valley out of pillows and blankets and sleep in the middle so I can koala hug something while laying on either side."


    11. This ice cream behavior that kinda makes sense, kinda doesn't:

    "I blow on my ice cream. I guess to cool it off? I'm not really sure. I wasn't even aware I was doing something weird until my girlfriend noticed and said, 'You know that's not hot right?'"

    12. This traveling behavior that keeps you entertained:

    "If I'm a passenger on a long car journey, I pretend there's a running man at the side of the road who can't touch the ground, and I imagine it in full detail: He jumps to that tree, somersaults down and runs along the barrier, jumps, pushes off the stop sign, and onto the phone box, and so on."


    13. This rubbing behavior that's kinda kinky but this is also a judgement-free zone so I'll allow it:

    "I rub the tip of my nose and after awhile it starts to feel really nice and I get a mild sensation, not unlike an orgasm."


    14. This explainer behavior that I guess helps pass the time:

    "Sometimes when I get bored, I explain modern things to Benjamin Franklin. Music I listen to, or how my phone works, etc. Sometimes I go even further back and explain it to Socrates or a cave man. Sometimes it's philosophical, sometimes it's just stupid. I don't know why I do it, but it's very entertaining."


    15. This wiggle behavior for the sleepers out there:

    "I wiggle my right foot really fast when I’m falling asleep."


    16. This shaking behavior that I KNOW more than one person does because I, too, do this thing:

    "Shake my butt when I'm lying in bed. I love twerking when I’m laying in bed. I just sit there and watch my butt in the mirror."


    17. This ear behavior that sounds like fun for a contortionist:

    "I play with my ears, especially when they’re cold. I fold and scrunch them to fit them into the ear canal until they unfold and pop back into form."


    18. This random number behavior that actually may resolve my anxiety in decision-making:

    "Using random number generator apps to dictate how I set my daily to-do lists. When I can't decide between two things, I assign them random numbers, like 68 and 14, or call them 'left' and 'right', and have someone pick one over the other."


    19. This reading behavior for the bibliophiles:

    "I'll occasionally reread sections of a book where nothing much happens, but the characters are just chilling. It's almost like visiting friends."


    20. This alarm behavior that every morning person can relate to:

    "My alarm is set to 7 a.m., but I can't remember when's the last time I heard it go off. I always wake up around 6:15, spend some time on my phone, and then just get in the shower before 7."


    21. This house behavior that I'm sure every pet owner has done at least once:

    "Each day when I come home from work, I say to my cat Bruce Wayne, 'Hi, Honey! I'm home! Did you do your taxes? Awww, you did your taxes!' In my head if my cat were a person he'd be a tax accountant or something."


    22. And lastly, this spelling behavior that I thought was just ME, so now I'm happy to know that there's a small but mighty team of us:

    "Sometimes I spell a word in my head over and over until it seems like nonsense."