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    North West Did Kim Kardashian's Makeup Better Than Your Favorite Makeup Artist Honestly

    Sis, can we get a YouTube tutorial?

    This is North West, the absolutely adorable child of music icon, Kanye West, and reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian. Did I also mention North is a beauty guru in the making?

    With the launch of her new Glam Smokey Bible palette, Kim let North give Twitter and Instagram an ~exclusive~ makeup tutorial using items from her KKW collection. Effortless beat? Yaaass. 💁

    We learned two important things from North's tutorial: You can never have too much foundation, and "it's about blending, boo":

    Honestly it's not a Kim K look without a smokey eye, so you know what North did? SHE DID THAT AND I AM SHOOK.

    Twitter couldn't get enough of the videos, like this Twitter user who said that Mario (Kim's longtime makeup artist) is "SHAKING":

    @Kyliegurl kept the peace by suggesting that North and Mario do "a makeup tutorial together," and honey I am HERE FOR THIS:

    @KimKardashian north and mario should do a makeup tutorial together

    @DeniseFuturedoc wanted to know if North had "any beauty secrets to remove dark circles" and honestly I'm waiting on North's response:

    @KimKardashian Good job north. Ask north does she know any beauty secrets to remove dark circles from around my eyes?

    This Twitter user warned all the "beauty gurus" out there that "North is coming after" them:

    @KimKardashian North is coming after all you beauty gurus! Slay

    This twitter user wants booking info, ASAP:

    @KimKardashian Where can I book North for my next event?

    @Deaddilf69 even said that North was "coming for [their] gig":

    @Mariabonethug put North's makeup skills and technicality so simple:

    @KimKardashian Nailed it af! @Alvi_Maria

    And @Maxine9500 on Instagram just keep it real — North ain't playin', she's getting ready for her "own makeup line":

    All we want to know is when North's makeup line is coming out. K, thanks.

    North is enjoying Glam Bible!! You can shop Kim's new products at