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    Lena Waithe Just Brought The LGBTQ Community To The Met Gala In The Most Iconic Way

    Rainbow and Catholicism have become one.

    Lena Waithe just became the first person to wear a pride-flag cape to the Met Gala.

    What makes this all the more savory is that this year's theme "Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," all but delves into the crazy relationship of the LGBTQ community and Catholicism. Until now!

    Oh, and y'all know I lost my freakin' mind once it hit social media:

    .@LenaWaithe opted for this incredible cape for tonight’s #MetGala. #MetHeavenlyBodies #LenaWaithe

    And all the stans came out to let their sexy, rainbow-filled hearts glow:


    Lena Waithe is the GOAT for this🙏🏳️‍🌈 #MetGala

    And of course a lil' shade never hurt anybody:

    #metgala: the theme is religion Lena Waithe: ok hold my rainbow flag

    Lena Waithe wearing the rainbow flag and a suit is the exact sort of controversy I was looking for! Give me SCANDAL! #MetGala2018 #MetGala

    Lena has spoken out in the past about her identity and style, telling Vanity Fair, “Being black and gay, having dreadlocks, having a certain kind of swag, and dressing the way I do...That’s dope, you’re cool. I don’t feel validated by that...I don’t want to be White. I don’t want to be straight. I don’t want to blend in...I try to wear queer designers who happen to be brown and makin’ shit.”

    Her suit and cape (which I want) were designed by none other than Carolina Herrera. They're nothing short of a political statement — one that's driven by good ol' fashion.

    And honestly, isn't that what fashion is supposed to be? A revolutionary act that reflects our culture and the times? If it's not, then fashion was never for the people, by the people.