People Think Kim Kardashian's Christmas Decorations Look Like Giant Dildos And I Haven't Stopped Laughing

    Giant creepy dildos? Happy holidays!

    Every Christmas, the Kardashian-West family go all out for home decorations, although they tend to stick to their monochromatic vibe.

    Yesterday, Kim Kardashian West posted Instagram stories giving us a sneak peek to this year's holiday decorations, and the white "trees" are...interesting.

    “I love these. They’re so whimsical, like Whoville, but all white,” she said in the story. The Christmas tree was just white. As are all the walls and other home decor. All white, nothing else in sight.

    In the story, Kim does say that the decorations that line the walls throughout the house are made from "plush" materials, but maybe it's the ominous lighting that makes the trees appear...evil?

    I mean, this looks like a giant cotton candy just hanging in the dark. Sinister? Absolutely.

    Like can't ya'll imagine the creepy twins from The Shining just chillin' in these "trees"?

    Also, am I trippin' or do these Christmas ornaments look like evil tampons? TELL ME this is not a tampon gone rogue that's turned to the dark side:

    This person on Twitter said we can get the budget-friendly version of this high-art concept:

    Welcome to this tutorial about how to get the Kim Kardashian look in your home for Christmas. The first thing you'll need is about 10 rolls of paper towels and a sharp X-acto knife... start sawing.

    Okay, I was thinking tampons, but this person is thinking dildos. Happy holidays!

    Kim Kardashian decorates her home with giant white Christmas dildos.

    Leave it to Kim and Kanye to give us art we don't understand. But hey, it's provocative.