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People On Twitter Are Debating This Clip Of Jessie J Covering A Beyoncé Song

Now I'm singing "Listen."

At some point in 99.9% of the world's population's lives, we've all tried to sing a Beyoncé song. This is common knowledge, don't debate me.

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Recently, vocalist and pop sensation Jessie J took on Bey's song, "Listen," on her IG livestream. While some thought she sounded great, others took this moment to reflect on the power that is Beyoncé.

This person sided with the song, and said they were "scrimming":

I am SCRIMMING. The song is kicking her ass.

And this user pointed out that this is what happens when people underestimate a Beyoncé song:

This video is an example of why Beyonce is your favorite singers favorite singer. Jessie J is an extremely talented vocalist and is struggling with executing like Bey. You never realize how hard a Bey arrangement is until you try it.

Others came to Jessie's defense, saying that perhaps this was all caused by the fact the girl ain't know the lyrics:

@Kpholla12 lol I love Beyoncé, but this is a reach. 😂 She literally said she didn’t know the song. I’m sure after a few times she would have executed it perfectly. Lol

This person said that Jessie does, indeed, have the range. It could have been an off day, though:

@Kpholla12 What we not gonna do is discredit Jessie J's abilities as a vocalist though... Sounds like she was either uncertain or she didn't warm up. A quick google/youtube search of her singing live with no tracks will show her easily singing arrangements far more difficult than this one.

This person was a middle ground between "Jessie has the range," and "This ain't something everyone can do":

@mrinovative She also said it was too high in key for her. Plus in the clip directly below it she said switching between her head and chest voice so much was extremely difficult for her. I’m not saying she isn’t capable I’m just saying the degree of difficulty isn’t one many can do.

Agreeably, Jessie might have just not known what to expect:

@chimmychamu I think her main problem is that she started on a high register not knowing that it goes higher and higher and higher and higher and higher lmao... Maybe it has to do with a lack of preparation or her not having the range

Well, she later posted an updated clip on her Instagram channel, and honey, we want more!

So now we play the waiting game, because I KNOW Jessie can hit those runs and that it probably was just a blend of preparation and the Beyoncé effect.