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Tell Us The Wildest Thing Your Coworker Or Manager Has Ever Done To You

There are a lot of things that happen in the office...and we're airing out all of our dirty laundry.

While we'd love for our office to always be a safe haven of love, the reality is MANY of us have had some wild-ass workplace horror stories.

Maybe you had a sneaky coworker who constantly stole people's belongings or ideas.

Perhaps you had an aggressive, micromanaging manager who would call you at all hours of the night and bother you during the day.

Maybe you had a colleague who got waaay too drunk at the company holiday party and you had to karate chop them (hey, it happens).

Or you wanted to spice things up and had a work boo, only for it to end in a blaze of fire, not glory.

We want to know the workplace horror stories that you are not ashamed to tell — even if you should be. Tell us your stories via the DropBox below, and REMEMBER: WE WANT STORIES AND DETAILS, although we don't need names of people or companies :) You may just end up in a BuzzFeed As/Is post or video!