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    People Are Sharing "Overheard" Conversations That Will Absolutely Brighten Up Your Day

    "You don't iron?! Not even the pillowcases?!" and other funny things that'll make you shake your head.


    Overheard at Union Square, NYC Guy: "Is this the Anti-Trump protest?" Lady: "Yeah." Guy: "How long does it last?" Lady: "Four years."


    “I was an expert at drawing that ‘S’ that everyone drew in primary school.” #overheard


    Overheard a lady telling her friend “do not start with zucchinis, I seriously can’t go there with you”


    I was in a bus today and i overheard a girl telling her friend that the reason why she's living with her boyfriend in school now is to practise on how she'd live in her husbands house in future.. I didn't know when I shouted ahhh.. She heard it 😂😂😂


    (Overheard at the vintage market) Lady: so how are your dolls? Her friend: oh no movement yet... not yet *examines an Raggedy Anne* It’s hard to find good haunted dolls.


    It’s just— something about her nipples rings true...and other elegant thoughts overheard on line at Starbucks.


    Overheard woman in supermarket today about protein balls: ‘stupid and expensive, if you want protein and energy get some nuts and if you want to taste chocolate eat a mini roll afterwards.’


    @rweingarten @thenation Overheard on the picket line: "I just had a random person pull over, open the window and hand me two dozen donuts! Dream come true!" #utlastrike


    Overheard at hairdressers earlier: Elderly lady: I quite like cooking but not ironing. Younger lady: I don’t even have an iron. Elderly lady: You don’t iron? What, not even the pillowcases?! #generationgap


    Overheard a group of local college girls at grocery store. Q: “what’s the difference in mild and sharp cheddar?” A: “I dunno, I think it is how they cut it”


    my dad got a call from the school today saying my lil bro was trying to hack the computer systems and someone overheard him & his friends and reported it. my dad was only mad about the fact he thinks he can hack their systems but can’t do his homework.


    i overheard someone in passing say “it’s glow up season”. turns out that’s not what they actually said but i’m gonna run with it ✨


    #Overheard at the #KennedySpaceCenter: "You'd think if they can put a man on the moon they could design a ladies' bathroom with more than three stalls."


    Overheard in @UniofOxford Christ Church meadow: Man: I don't even know what a PhD student does. His date: You know a book? You know what a book is? That's it.


    "Who is this Jeff Bozo who's getting divorced?" - overheard


    Overheard in Westminster: - 7 year old child: "Can we join the protest?" - Teacher: "You didn't know what Brexit was this morning, so I don't think you should join a protest."