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    A Four Year Old With Alopecia Saw A Bald Model In A Beauty Campaign And Her Reaction Is Literally Priceless

    This is why representation matters. Love to see it, 10/10.

    Four-year-old Iylah Hanley never expected to see a bald model who looked like her. But when she and her mom went into a MAC store in New Zealand, everything changed.

    Iylah, who has alopecia (an autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss), saw MAC's campaign with model Parris Goebel and was immediately blown away by her looks and buzzed head. After asking her mom if Parris had alopecia like her, she proudly took a photo in front of the campaign ad.

    People on Instagram couldn't get enough of the cutie!

    Others were moved by her proud representation of others with alopecia.

    As if that were not sweet enough, Parris saw the IG post and then arranged to met Iylah! The two shut down the MAC store, made cards, danced, and had their own makeup playdate. FYI, my eyes are literally watering.

    Parris added, "What touched me the most is although she has been through so much at such a young age, over time she has gained the confidence to ignore what people think and walk out into the world and show everyone how beautiful she is. Thank you Iylah for inspiring myself and people all over the world...together we are bald and BEAUTIFUL👑👑"

    Umm, I tried to hold the tears back, but THIS is just downright precious. I stan!


    Go, Iylah and Parris! ❤️