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    This Plus Size Influencer Just Came Out With The Most Fire Lingerie Line And Twitter Is HOT

    Gabi, let us know next time before you snatch our edges!

    This is Gabi Gregg, aka Gabi Fresh. Gregg is an influencer, a fashionista, body positivity advocate, and clothing designer. On September 18, she debuted her new lingerie collection in partnership with Playful Promises, which she produced, directed, and modeled herself.

    I designed this collection and produced, directed and modeled the campaign. Available in sizes 12-24 / 36B-44I, with select styles up to 26

    "I definitely wanted to go bold and push the boundaries of what plus size women are told they are supposed to wear," Gregg told As/Is. "As a 38HH, my lingerie options are severely limited, and often are just boring full-coverage bras. I made sure each piece I designed had special details and fabrications, from sequins to velvet to embroidered mesh."

    Gregg is aware that there is still a long way to go for plus size inclusivity in the fashion industry. "I'm so excited by the latest runway shows and magazine covers that are being celebrated, but I can't wait until the day that women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities being included is the norm, not the exception," she said.

    Twitter couldn't contain their excitement for the new collection. @Maczurray proclaimed, "We've found our next James Bond":

    We found our next James Bond:

    And they weren't completely off. Gregg told As/Is, "I came up with the James Bond-inspired vibe based on how sleek and sexy the product is, and went from there. I think it's really powerful to see someone my size, 20, in lingerie, and that's even more true when the imagery is editorial and high-fashion."

    This Twitter user just wants to know who is going to buy it all for them:

    Anyone feel like buying me all this because DAMN

    @eheat let us know that not only is this lingerie poppin', but it's "actually reasonably priced":

    This collection has the most gorgeous lingerie I've ever seen in my size anywhere ever, and it's actually reasonably priced?? Hello I am dead (which will not stop my ghost from shopping)

    @femalebridge said everything I was thinking:

    can we fucking talk about how GORGEOUS this line is????? @gabifresh THANK YOU 🖤🖤🖤👙👙👙

    @Paunchy took the time to give Gabi all her flowers for grinding and putting in that WERK, honey:

    From ootd pics in your living room to designing multiple collections for different brands and creating your own brand in the meantime. Whew. An icon. @gabifresh

    While @mdtrsw took the time to educate us that body goals and body standards are unique — and for everyone to just mind their business:

    as a fat girl and have joint problems at least my own fat body goals are like gabifresh's body or anastasia furrow's. "wait they still faat!" so? f your beauty standard, at least my joints could handle my weight

    Lastly, @SheGoesByLoLo spoke for all the beautiful "fluffies" out there:

    Thank you @gabifresh for this lingerie launch!!! This is everything that fluffies have needed!!!! #teamsexy