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This Reddit Thread Is Sharing The Unseen Things In Italy During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Everything is shutting down and more families are being divided.

On Reddit, @anonalligator asked, "To those that live in Italy, how is the situation right now with coronavirus and lockdown?" Here are some of the many responses on what it's like right now in specific regions of Italy:

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1. "I live in Verona, and I'm 19. I live alone because my mother and my father got it in Milan, so I’ve been home alone for a month. I don’t go out other than to buy some food and maybe some cigarettes. There is no space left in intensive care, so if I get really sick, they would have to remove someone else to save me since I would have a better chance of surviving. This is why I almost never go out. I don’t want to be the reason for someone's death."


2. "Currently watching a university lesson from my bed, but my father went to work this morning. I'm in a region where the lockdown started officially today, so it's all pretty new. Let's hope people don't storm the grocery stores."


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3. "High school student here. Schools are closed and the TV is full of ads about washing your hands and avoiding contact with other people. Each morning, we have approximately three hours of video lessons from our laptop. I really want to go back to normal school now."


4. "I'm a final year medic and I'm graduating on Thursday over Skype."


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5. "I have a daughter living in Saronno, but she works in Milano. She says there has been quite a bit of panic-buying at the supermarkets. All the restaurants are pretty much empty. However, they are allowed to be open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (people who are seated should have at least a one-meter distance between them at restaurants). All schools and universities remain closed as well as cinemas, theaters, discos, and all church services."


6. "I live in the heart of the Lombardy region. All my family has it and my grand-uncle died. You can hear ambulances all day and night. My uncle is in the hospital with a high fever. His wife got it as well but she is home as her symptoms are milder. The available hospital beds in intensive care have run out and doctors are making tough choices for who to try to save, which is terrifying considering most of my family is old and they might not get a bed."



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8. "I live in Germany now. Yesterday, I went to a pharmacy so I could get a couple of face masks just in case. The ladies there understood from my accent I wasn't German, so they asked me where I was coming from. As soon as I said I was Italian, they jumped away. I felt like I needed to specify I was living here and had no contact with Italy since December. That felt bad."


9. "I’m returning back to my place after I kept my girlfriend company. Thing is, her parents work and I’m scared that somehow I got it and it’s just waiting to show symptoms. The paranoia will only increase in the next few weeks. I hope when things are over we’ll invest more in public health and be more conscious about safety standards."


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10. "I am a doctor who works at one of the largest hospitals in Rome. The situation seems much worse than reported in the news. We are scared, but we continue to go to work for a sense of responsibility. We do not have suitable safeguards for our protection, such as ffp3 masks."


11. "I'm in the Florence airport right now trying to get back home to the US. I've been living here for six-and-a-half months studying abroad. US study abroad students have been living on the edge of our seats. It has been a really stressful, chaotic, and emotional couple of weeks for everyone. Honestly, I just broke down at the airport because I was so frustrated."


12. "The hardest part is hearing the daily update of the number of deaths and sick people. Every day we are told that hospitals cannot accept anymore, all the hospitals here in the Lombardy region are saturated, nurses and doctors are falling sick too...if you need to go to an emergency room (even if it is not for the coronavirus), they cannot help you and this feeling is devastating."