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Billy Porter's Golden Globes Outfit Cost Over $2 Million And I Am Living For This Energy In 2020

The actor showed us what type of style energy we're on for 2020.

One thing is for sure — Billy Porter knows how to slay a red carpet.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

At the 2020 Golden Globes, he certainly did not disappoint. For the night, in collaboration with his fashion stylist Sam Ratelle, Billy stepped out in an Alex Vinash white feather tuxedo, and honestly, snatched up the bit of edges I had left.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

During his live red carpet interview with The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, he noted that the outfit was his way of showing that fashion can also support activism. "I think that fashion is activism as well," he told HFPA. "I think that all art can be activism, that’s my goal as an artist, to disturb the peace."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Billy knew that his outfit for the night demanded some pizzazz. "This is not a sitting oufit; this is a standing outfit!” Billy said on the red carpet.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

He added, "The world has gone absolutely mad, and when we started to think about what I would wear today, the first appearance of the new decade, we decided to go all white. The color symbolizes peace, hope, and new beginnings."

However, I was NOT ready when THR exclusively reported that the tuxedo took over 465 hours to make over the course of three months.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

"It's interesting that people now always expect Billy to be in a dress, so we're having a lot of fun figuring out how we can make menswear absolutely fabulous and just as fantastic and opulent as womenswear," Sam had told THR on New Year’s Eve.

First of all, the tuxedo boasted a six-foot train in the back that required additional hands to carry down the red carpet, proving that the Best Actor nominee was here to serve us drama!

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

His accessories alone cost more than most mortgages: For starters, he donned a $2 million, 40-carat diamond pendant necklace by Tiffany & Co., according to THR.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

“I have frolicked around in frocks from the time I can remember. People have always talked about my fashion; people have always talked s**t about me because of my fashion. Because I never cared,” Billy told Footwear News. “What’s happening right now — it’s not an accident. My friends actually had to remind me of that. They said, ‘This is an extension of what you’ve always done. You now just have a budget and designers who want to do it for you.’ ”

"All of his accessories are encrusted in Swarovski crystals!” Sam also told THR. Other Tiffany & Co. jewels include several diamond rings and a $46,500 dragonfly brooch.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

Yes, that even included his mirrored metal Emm Kuo cigarette-box handbag, Mercura eyewear, and custom-made satin shoes by Sandra Choi for Jimmy Choo.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

Porter also had on $55,000 worth of diamond bangle bracelets and multiple diamond rings all by Tiffany & Co. One cool accessory? An $11,000 diamond pinky ring shaped like a disco ball, in an ode to his new "disco era,” according to Sam.

Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

All I can say is that I am living for more Billy Porter content all of 2020! KEEP SERVING THE LEWKS!


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