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    15 Things Women With Big Boobs Know To Be True

    Sometimes your girls just get in the way but we love them anyway.

    1. You contort your body while hugging people so your boobs don't inappropriately grope them:

    2. In fact, much of your life circles around how you can accommodate your boobs...

    3. ...Mostly because you realize your boobs are actual weapons:

    Having to hang on to your boobs while doing jumping jacks so you don’t get knocked out #bigboobclub #bigboobproblems

    4. It's easier to walk through fiery hell than to find a comfortable bra:

    5. And it still amazes you how many variations of your bra size there are...

    6. ...But how bras your size only come in three shades — beige, brown, and white:

    Who has this struggle 😂😂🙈 #BigBoobProblems( . ) ( . )

    7. You have to pick which battles are worth fighting, like whether or not you'll try to squeeze into cute little bralettes.

    Do I try to squeeze 44DD in this or 🤔🤔🤔 #bigboobproblems

    8. You know people sometimes are not actually talking to you but to your girls:

    9. And this button-up problem is way too real:

    10. As is the thought of your boob falling out your bra at any given time:

    11. Or that on occasion you may randomly find food in your bra:

    Not just crumbs in my bed, but in my cleavage too 😒 #bigboobproblems

    12. You've given up on crop tops because they are ~too~ cropped on you:

    13. You joke about not wearing a bra, but you know your limitations:

    Happy #NoBraDay for ya little tittie chicks cuz y'all lucky 😂😂 #34DD #BigBoobProblems

    14. And you don't have any expectations when shopping:

    15. And lastly, there's no greater feeling in the world than the moment you come home and take your bra off...well, sort of:

    What are some things you know to be true when you have big boobs? Share it down below!