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    18 Things That Definitely Happen In Your Thirties

    30 is the new 30, so calm down.

    1. You know how amazing it feels to stay home on a Friday night.

    2. Receiving probiotics and eye cream is better than any shopping spree.

    Just got really excited that I have eye cream and probiotics coming in the mail. Being an adult is weird. #adulting #TuesdayThoughts #amold #lifeinyourthirties

    3. The dating seems less like a pool and more like a small watering hole.

    4. The baby pictures from your friends never end.

    5. The level of friendships you have will focus on quality versus quantity.

    6. When you go out with friends, you're determined to prove y'all can hang with the young folk.

    7. You notice how Facebook has changed.

    8. Your level of cares given is significantly lower than it was in your twenties. It's dang near nonexistent.

    9. You think more highly of yourself than you ever have before.

    10. You start to say "Back in my day..." when "the youth" say anything.

    11. You realize you still don't understand anything your parents told you when you were a kid.

    12. You second guess going out for drinks on the weekdays because booze doesn't make you feel the same anymore.

    13. In fact, your hangovers are entire entities of their own.

    Everyone's right: hangovers take on a whole new dimension in your 30s. Mine even has its own career, partner and children; its name is Greg.

    14. You only have two stages of turn up:

    15. Your priorities when it comes to relationships have shifted from your 20s.

    16. You live and stick to a rigorous schedule.

    17. You realize your expectations vs. reality of life in your 30s are not the same.

    18. And at the end of the day, you realize that you still don't have it all figured out.

    What lessons did you learn once you hit the big 3-0? Share with us down in the comments!