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21 Reasons People Are So Hard RN For "Destiny 2"


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Bungie walked through some Destiny 2 gameplay on Twitch, and the chat was living for every moment:

1. At first, there was some skepticism about how much they'd show.

2. But with Luke Smith on stage, the chat lit up.

3. People cracked some jokes about guardian "rebirth" in the first cinematic trailer:

4. But that quickly changed when the Easter eggs started busting open (literally).

5. People were surprisingly emotional about The Speaker's absence.

6. But they got even more emotional about what is about to be a new fan favorite.

7. Of course, people were gushing over the weapons.

8. A lot of people ditched work to see the stream.

9. There were some much-deserved props given to the visual effects.

10. There was a strong reaction to an attack on people's vaults.

11. But that was completely eclipsed by the reveal of the new supers.

12. Cayde-6 got the most love in the chat. 100%.

13. Many people somehow lost tons of money throughout the stream.

14. There was a mixed reaction about not having to go to orbit anymore.

15. But there was a very positive reaction to the new map system.

16. And so many joke about the new patrol areas.

17. People who were into clans were into the in-game clan announcement. / panther826

18. Solo players weren't so much.

19. No one was happy about the ambiguous Beta release date.

20. And people basically flat-out rejected the partnership news.

21. All in all, the real star of the stream was defiantly the new bad guy, Gary!

Are you pumped for Destiny 2? Let us know what you thought of the gameplay stream in the comments below:

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