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Seattle Professional Baseball Team Shuts Down Facebook Trolls Upset With Pride Night

A perfect comeback is almost as good as a six-game winning streak.

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"Pride Night" at Safeco Field. Just one of almost 50 themed game-day events Major League Baseball team, the Seattle Mariners, puts on during the season.

The association with the LGBTQ community however upset some "fans" who shared their thoughts in the one area online trolls love to hide out in, the comment section.


The angry commenter took offense at the colorful rainbows that the Mariners were sporting on their Facebook page.

The commenter writes: "I won tickets, but i'm not going to a game that celebrates ungodliness. It's sad out society has been duped to believe that this is something to celebrate. When the Mariners have a Christian Pride Night let me know!"

The Mariners' social media team fired back ASAP, shutting down these hater in a kind but STFU sort of fashion.


Seattle sports teams have been stepping up their open support of the LGBTQ community. The same week the Mariners had their "Pride Night", Major League Soccer Team, the Seattle Sounders, had a themed night as well where people attending the game would get a free rainbow armband to wear at the Pride Parade taking place the next day in the city of Seattle.


#EqualityIsATeamSport We're proud to stand with our fellow Seattle sports teams and the LGTBQ community.…

The video above feature popular players from the MLB’s Mariners, NFL’s Seahawks, MLS' Sounders, NWSL’s Reign and WNBA’s Storm.

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