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21 Times "Playing House" Was The Most Relatable Show On TV

"You never know when you gonna need old Bosephus to save the day."

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1. On Showing Affection

2. On Being Honest


3. On Having Realistic Opinions About Yourself

4. On Leaving A Voicemail

5. On Exaggerating To Make A Point

6. On Wearing Stupid Clothes Because They're "Fashionable"

7. On Finding Clothes You Absolutely Love

8. On Brunch

9. On Doing Something Cool In Front Of Your Friends (Only To Fail)

10. On That One Sex Dream You Can't Quite Explain

11. On Knowing Everyone Should Feel Good About How They Look

12. On Pretending To Be Okay When You're Falling Apart

13. On Not Wanting Anyone To Be Upset With You

14. On Trying To Be Clever

15. On Referencing Movies You've Never Seen And Have No Plans To See

16. On Just Needing Some 'Me Time'

17. On Getting Too Confidant After One Good Thing Happens To You

18. On Doing What You Aren't Suppose To Do

19. And On Never Learning Your Lesson

20. On Needing To Get Some Fresh Air

21. On Going The Extra Mile

On Hearing "Playing House" Is Returning For Season 3!

The underrated comedy featuring two of the funniest comedians on television (Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair) returns to USA Network for it's third season June 23, 2017.

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