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14 People With Such Unbelievable Luck It Almost Seems Unreal

Bill Morgan cheated death, won a car, and then won thousands on live tv. I sometimes will put the USB drive in the right way on the first try.

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1. Maarten de Jonge is rewarded for booking a cheaper flight

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Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge cheated certain death twice by simply changing his flights. Once scheduled to be on the MH17, de Jonge decided to change last minute to a cheaper flight. It was a good thing he did as the MH17 flight crashed midway through it's flight.

If that wasn't lucky enough, de Jonge was scheduled to be on the MH370 flight, the one that notoriously went missing in 2014. Again though, de Jonge changed to another flight last minute.

2. Bill Morgan cheats death, wins a car, then wins money on live TV


After a horrific crash Bill Morgan was crushed under a truck, doctors thought it was the end of the line. Morgan was pronounced legally dead for a whole 14 minutes but was revived and miraculously survived after being in a 12 day coma even though he was taken off life support.

If this wasn't lucky enough, to celebrate his survival Morgan bough a "Scratch It" card and won a brand new car worth worth AUS$17,000. Being such an amazing story the local news station did a segment on Morgan where they had him re-create the incredibly lucky moment, having him scratch off another card, only for Morgan to win an additional $250,000 on live tv.

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3. Edwin E. Robinson phenomenon journey to regaining his hearing and sight


Blind and deaf 62-year-old Edwin Robinson was outside one night looking for his chicken. When it started to rain Robinson's aluminum cane attracted a lightning bolt which struck him, knocking him unconscious for about 20-minutes. Once Robinson woke up, he walked back home, and went to bed.

Lightning injures about 240,000 people a year and 10% of those struck die. If Robinson was lucky enough to not been heavily injured or killed by being struck, what came next is even more incredible. Once Robinson woke up he had regained his hearing and sight.

Almost too good to be true, Robinson was examined by his doctor who confirmed that indeed, he regained both his hearing and sight. The doctor also suggested that Robinson may have survived being struck by lightning due to the rubber soles of his shoes he was wearing.

4. Ben Carpenter get's hit by a truck and lives in the most unique way


Ben Carpenter was simply crossing the street when he was suddenly struck by a semi-truck that had just left a gas station. What would have been death or serious injury to most was not the case for Carpenter as he was hit in the back of his wheelchair and the wheelchair handles became stuck in the grill of the truck. Carpenter was now being pushed by the truck and the driver of the truck did not realize he had hit someone and kept driving several miles going 50 mph (80 kph) with Carpenter being held in his wheelchair with a seatbelt.

Due to the wheelchair not being made to handle such speed the wheels were destroyed but luckily by the time the truck stopped, Carpenter left the whole ordeal without a scratch.

5. Tsutomu Yamaguchi turned tragedy into activism against nuclear weapons

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During World War II, Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived not just one, but two of the deadliest attacks perpetrated during that time. While working for Mistubishi Heavy Industries, Yamaguchi was on a business trip to Hiroshima in 1945 when the United States dropped the first nuclear bomb on the city. Though injured, Yamaguchi miraculously survived. Yamaguchi headed home to Nagasaki as soon as he was able to, only to be one of the many victims of the second nuclear bomb dropped by the United States. Extraordinary, Yamaguchi survived again.

Yamaguchi since the attacks became a vocal protestor against nuclear weapons and technology. In 2009, Japan recognized Yamaguchi as the only known survivor of both nuclear bomb attacks.

6. Nichiren wasn't the one to die at his execution


During the 12th century, Nichiren was a prominent Japanese monk who's work influenced the Japanese adaptation of Buddhism. Authorities at the time felt as if Nichiren's writings would undermine their power if they were able to spread so Nichiren was sentenced to execution by beheading.

However, as the executioner raised his sword to behead Nichiren, he was struck by lightning, killing him and letting Nichiren escape death. Due to the unusual situation Nichiren was then sentenced to exile instead of a second try on execution.

7. Anders Helstrup narrowly misses being decimated by a space rock


When skydiving, the danger everyone thinks about is a parachute not working and hitting the ground at full force. A danger that Norwegian Anders Helstrup faced however was a meteorite hurdling past him at full speed, just missing him. Most meteorites burn up in the earth atmosphere but this incredibly dense object did not, instead it was traveling around 300 mph (483 kph). If that meteorite were to have hit Helstrup in any way it would have decimated him. On top of it all, Helstrup got the whole thing on video!

Unlucky however, Helstrup spent the summer looking for the meteorite but was unable to locate it.

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8. Lena Pahlsson finds her wedding ring growing out of the ground


In 1995, Swede Lena Pahlsson noticed she had lost her wedding ring one day after finishing up some Christmas baking. After years of searching and no luck hope was almost lost until Pahlsson was tending to her garden. When pulling out some carrots Pahlsson was astounded to see her wedding ring around one of the carrots.

Not only did Pahlsson search the garden multiple times for her ring with no luck over the years, that season was apparently the first season she had just tossed carrot seeds randomly in the garden rather placing them in a straight line like she did years prior. The odds that one of the seeds would fall perfectly in the center of the ring, and that seed would be one of the seeds to grow seem insurmountable.

9. Joan Ginther became a multi-millionaire four times


A statistical miracle, Joan Ginther baffled all mathematicians by winning the lottery a whopping FOUR times! And not just the casual lottery wins worth $1 to $5 that you may have experienced.

Ginther won four multi-million dollar lotteries. Ginther's first win was $5.4 million, only to win $2 million little over a decade later. Two years later, she won a cool $3 million, followed by her biggest win, a staggering $10 million in 2008. Totaling in $20.4 million.

10. Steve Flaig's long lost birth mother was closer than he realized


Lowe's delivery-truck driver, Steve Flaig was adopted and when he turned 18 he decided to try and find his birth mother. Flaig learned that the adoption records were left "open" which meant that his birth mother was open to be found. With no luck for four years hope seemed lost until Flaig realized that he had been spelling his birth mother's last name wrong...

Once typing the right name in, Flaig learned that his birth mother lived only a mile from where he worked! After talking to his boss about the situation Flaig learned that not only did his birth mother live close to his work, she also worked at the same Lowes.

11. David Gonzalez finds something unusual in the ceiling


Minnesota contractor David Gonzalez was renovating a house he had purchased for $10,100 when he found something very interesting in the ceiling. A copy of an incredibly rare 1938 No. 1 issue of the Superman comic. Not realizing what he had found, Gonzalez even accidentally tore the cover as he grabbed it and tossed it aside while doing his work. The comic sold for $175,000 at auction, making the investment on the house well worth it. (Unlucky however, the comic would have sold for way more if it wasn't ripped)

A little while later Gonzalez found a second comic in the walls of the house, a Superman #4. That comic was expected to be worth between $500 and $5000 at auction.

12. Ludger Sylbaris was saved from a fiery death by being locked up


in 1902, convict Ludger Sylbaris was sent to a night in solitary confinement after getting into a fight. This fight saved Sylbaris life as the next morning, Mt. Pelée, a volcano overlooking the city of Saint-Pierre, erupted. This eruption flattened every building in the city and everyone in the town's lungs burned, killing them.

Everyone but Sylbaris, who was saved due to poorly ventilated and partially underground cell he was being held in. Four days later, covered in burns, Sylbaris was rescued from the cell.

13. Christine O’Donovan, Buster and the Facebook miracle


Christine O'Donovan saved a sweet 6-month-old pup named Buster after she found him abandoned in the city. A month after taking him home however, a construction worker left the front gate to O'Donovan's yard open and Buster ran away. After searching the neighborhood with no luck it seemed as if Buster was gone for good.

Weeks later O'Donovan received a text from a friend to check out a Facebook page that lists the animals scheduled to be euthanized at New York city shelters. Low and behold poor Buster was on the list, and he was scheduled to be put to sleep at 6 a.m. the next day (only eight hours from the time O'Donovan was seeing this list for the first time). Plus, the shelter opens at 8 a.m. O'Donovan did not give up, when morning came, her and her five kids all drove to the shelter. O'Donovan asked if Buster was still alive and thank the heavens he was!

To prove Buster was her dog, O'Donovan told the assistant to let her in the back to see him. When Buster spotted O'Donovan, he ran up to her, jumping, barking, and licking her face. Buster was saved and could come home to where he belonged.

14. Frane Selak cheated death seven times and was rewarded for it


The story of Frane Selak is so ridiculous, if they made a movie about him, it'd probably be deemed too "unrealistic". Selak cheated death a total SEVEN times, giving him the nickname "The Luckiest Unluckiest Man in the World".

In 1962, Selak survived a train that flipped off the tracks and crashed into a frozen river killing 17 people. In 1963, Selak survived a plane crash that killed 19 people because he was sucked out of a malfunctioning plane door and landed in a haystack. In 1966, Selak was in a bus that skidded off the road where four people were killed. In 1970, Selak narrowly escaped his car that caught fire and exploded. In 1973, again Selak's car caught fire and shot fire through the air vents but Selak got out unscathed. In 1995, Selak was hit by a bus and survived. A year later in1996, Selak swerved his car into the guardrail in order to avoid a head-on collision with a truck. However, the guardrail broke and Selak was ejected for the driver side door of the car that had flown open. Selak survived by grabbing onto a tree as his car plummeted 300 ft. (91.4 meters).

In 2003, after a long life of near death experiences fate rewarded Selak as he won £600,000 (about a million dollars US at the time) in the lottery in Croatia. In 2010, after living well, getting a hip replacement, and building a shrine to the Virgin Mary to give thanks for his luck, Selak decided to give away the rest of his money to his friends and family.

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